I need an expense report with all expenses listed in each account

I would like a report listing income and expense, with each transaction listed under it’s account, not just one lump sum of the account. For example; it now says Cleaning $250 but I need Cleaning $100 carpet $100 windows $50 chemical products. But I can’t get a report listing this under each account.

Use the General Ledger Transactions report. It lists every line item.

What now says “Cleaning $250?” It does not help when you do not tell us what you are referring to.

Thank-you so much TUT…

No it doesn’t. This might need to be put into bugs as a separate post (?)
I have just tried to get my GL Transaction report for July (using version 20.8.25) and there is no item descriptions on outgoing inventory (Inventory - cost)
From the report:

Or from Inventory on hand where the inventory is sold by receipt and not invoiced.

You have made two statements that are contradicted by your own screen shots. Of the 28 transactions listed for these two accounts, there are only 3 that do not have descriptions on the report. So let us look at why those do not and the majority do.

Please post screen shots of the Edit screens for receipts 5006 and 5010. I think you will discover the description field for the 18.00 line item on 5006 is blank, while the 275.00 line item on 5010 is not.

You told me where to find the report I needed. General Ledger Transactions. All sorted out now. I just used the incorrect report. Thank-you for helping,

As requested, and I’ve thrown in 5008 for good measure. None of them tell me the item description on the GL report, however the sales Invoices do…see Invoice 1004653 (HOSE)
I’m referring to Item Descriptions so I toatally fail to see where I have made a contradiction. You appear to be referring to the overall Desription field which shows you did not read my post properly.

When you wrote “no item descriptions,” you seemed to be referring to descriptions of the items—that is, the individual lines—in the report, not line-item descriptions from transactions you did not show. Now that you have shown the actual transactions, it is clearer what you meant. (There is, by the way, nothing on the Edit screen of a receipt called “Item Description.” There are two types of “Description” and “Item.”)

But I can explain what you are seeing. The report’s content depends on what is on the receipt, as well as the account being reported and the nature of the source transaction:

  • For the Inventory - cost account, all postings are internally generated to transfer the average cost of inventory items into this account when a sale occurs. The internally generated posting does not include a line-item description. It “borrows” the transaction description from the source transaction, if there is one. Your receipt 5006 has none. Therefore, the entry in the General Ledger Transactions report for the Inventory - cost account did not include anything except the transaction type and reference number. You will see that all other entries in this account include only the transaction description, regardless of whether the sale was via sales invoice or receipt.
  • For the Inventory on hand account, you see a mix of content. Some comes from user entries, some from internally generated postings. Purchase invoices, for example, include the line item description, if there is one. If there is not, the transaction description is substituted, again if there is one. This is possible because purchase invoices are input by the user. But sales via sales invoice or receipt cause postings to be generated by the program as the other leg of the transfer to Inventory - cost mentioned above. As before, since there is no line-item description, the program borrows the transaction description, if there is one.

The bottom line is that this is not a bug. It is how the program is designed to function. To make the General Ledger Transactions report more informative, always use a transaction-level description. But understand that on multi-item transactions, you will not get a line-item-level description for every entry in every account. (Some accounts I have not addressed here have more information, because their postings are not internally generated.)

An extremely long winded explanation that fails to explain why the Item Descriptions no longer appear.
None of it makes any sense when you consider that up until now they have always been there???

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It’s simply one of the many bugs that were generated by the huge change in the reporting engine that @lubos has done in the last few months.

The report that shows it there (my last post) was produced at the start of last month.

Everything is changing as I can see from the evolution of custom reports. So I think that’s a bug linked to these changes. I just don’t see the resistance of @Tut to put this under bugs.

Oh, and as an afterthought, maybe there should be ‘Item Description’ and ‘Transaction Description’ so as to differentiate between the two?

The new general ledger engine was introduced in May. Changes made possible by the new engine have been rolled out since. Users are just noticing some of the effects in recent weeks, and particularly as they come to the end of accounting periods.

From the introduction post in the bugs category:

The program is not broken. It functions consistently and as designed. It includes in the General Ledger Transactions report line-item descriptions on postings from transactions created by the user. In the cases @VACUUMDOG complains about, the postings were internally generated without user involvement. Such postings do not include line-item descriptions, so they cannot be included in the report. The program cannot display what does not exist.

That was somehow “typical”. I don’t think we should stick to words.

Manager used to work in a way and now it does not.

Probably @lubos just forgot to put this in the new engine. I think it could take him few minutes to remediate this issue if it was not done on purpose.

If you look at my report I posted last it was working with the version I was using then, and it was updated on the first day of the month as I regularly do. IT SHOULD BE A BUG!!
I don’t know why you can’t accept that?
I will wait and see what @lubos has to say about it.

And since then, there have been about 200 updates, many made possible by the new general ledger engine. The past two months have been a period of very rapid change. For all intents, Manager is a brand new application since your last report was created.

Your personal dissatisfaction does not make anything a bug. You have not pointed out any error or inconsistency. This comes down to your wish for different content in a built-in report, a report that is produced from data created in a different way than it previously was. Have you tried creating a custom report meeting your desires?

I GIVE UP!!..It seems to be tut way or no way!

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And to the end User that is a bug, (affects their usage), even though the programme may itself not be “broken”. To simply dismiss the impact that such changes have upon the User as “the programme functions as designed” is just sheer arrogance, open contempt towards the User.