Custom fields and form defaults

I have created a new custom field using Text custom fields for Purchase invoices. I then tried to set the form default with the new custom field filled with some text.

What happens is that when I click the New Purchase Invoice button at the top of the page the custom field appears with the text. However, when I use the ‘copy to’ from a purchase order to create the purchase invoice, the text is blanked out. Is there a reason for this or is this a bug (I hope)?

I can reproduce the issue. Custom fields and form defaults when using Copy to is not supported yet. Added to ideas.

I question whether this should happen. Why should the assumption be made that a form without certain information should suddenly have that information added when it is copied to another form? The situation described seems more appropriate for a footer on the purchase invoice, not a custom field for which content suddenly appears part way through the workflow.

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The principle here is that form default is the initial state. And Copy to will copy onto the initial state what it can copy.

It doesn’t matter whether the field is built-in (Footers) or custom field. We are just being consistent. Also, Classic Custom Fields always worked (and still work) this way so it’s not like something new is being introduced.

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I’m a bit confused about what is being suggested is optimal behaviour.

  1. Create custom field for an invoice
  2. Enter a form default for that custom field.
  3. Create an invoice, accepting the form default for the custom field or deleting it.
  4. Copy the above invoice.

At this point are we saying the custom field should contain the form default value or what it was set to in the copied invoice. Logically I would prefer the latter for a copy but form default for a newly created invoice.

  1. Create custom field for an invoice
  2. Enter a form default for that custom field.
  3. Create an order.
  4. Copy the above order to new invoice.

New invoice should still contain custom field with your form default value.

Yes, we agree with that work flow.

But the case I was questioning is what should happen if you add a step

3.5 delete the (form default) value in the custom field.

Now at step 4 should the copy function over ride the users invoice editing and reinstate the form default value or should the copy function leave the specific user editing of that invoice. My preference is the later.

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This has been resolved in the latest version (23.1.20)

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