Custom field labels showing when field is empty

Hello. I hope I am entering this into the correct conversation. I just realized with custom fields - if I remove the data for a unique invoice the Custom field name shows on the document without the data. In the previous custom fields once no data was entered the custom field name would not show. The problem is that I generally use the same custom fields for all my quotations/invoices but occasionally there are one or two that do not need that information. Some guidance please as to how to prevent the custom field name from showing when it is an empty data field.

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Like this -

@Sarai, your post was moved to a standalone topic since it was not related to Form Defaults.

I cannot replicate the problem as you describe it. Please provide the following:

  • Edition (desktop, server, or cloud)
  • Version number
  • Screen shot of the Edit screen for the Please Note custom field
  • Screen shot of the Edit screen for a transaction that is showing incorrectly
  • Whether or not you are using a custom theme.

A search shows nothing more on this issue.
I’m using Desktop Version, Windows 10, No Custom Theme.

Using the Classic Custom Fields, if the Field was empty the ‘Name’ of the Field did not appear on Receipts etc.
Using the new Custom Fields the ‘Name’ of the field still shows even when it is empty.

From Receipt Edit Screen

Receipt View Screen

Custom Field Edit Screen

Thank you for the complete information, @VACUUMDOG. I have moved the topic to bugs.

Fixed in the latest version (23.1.18)

NOTE Found the problem for this post…see next post for solution
Yep, fixed that, but now the Inactive ‘Classic Custom Field’ Name shows…

Classic Custom Field Edit

Receipt Edit


@lubos OK, it turns out that if anything is entered in the Classic Custom Field in ‘Form Defaults’ it has to be removed BEFORE making the field inactive.
If you don’t it will still appear on the ‘View receipt’ even though it does not appear on the ‘Edit’ for the receipt.
All good now following the above procedure.