Custom field defaults missing when using Copy To

@lubos this looks like a bug. i checked this on 18.1.84

the defaults defined for custom fields under Form Defaults for sales invoice do not appear when using Copy To function from a Sales Quote or Sales Order.

the same thing happens when Sales quote is copied to Sales Order and also when Sales invoice is copied to Sales quote or Sales order or Delivery Note. that is all i have checked. i did not check copying to other forms.

the defaults appear fine when creating a form directly.

to summarize, no defaults defined for custom fields appear when using Copy To function.

i am not sure of the other tabs though.

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Fixed in the latest version (18.7.31)

Something went wrong with this change, @lubos. Now, if a form is copied to another, content of a custom field (which may have been modified from any default when the source form was created) overwrites the existing default content for the target form under Form Defaults.

For example, a Notes custom field is created on both sales quotes and sales invoices, and the sales invoice custom field has default content set:


A sales quote is created with the following content in its Notes field:


The sales quote is copied to a new sales invoice. At that point, the content of the Notes field from the sales quote carries over to the sales invoice. This seems appropriate, because information related to the specific sale should carry forward. However, this seems to contradict what you wrote about the change at version 18.7.31. @sharpdrivetek complained that default content for the target forms were not used, and you said that had been fixed, implying that default content would be substituted for specific content. If that is what you meant, it is not happening.

More importantly, I don’t think it should happen. Previously, the Copy to function has overridden defaults with transaction-specific information. In my opinion, that is as it should be. Otherwise, what is the point of having matching custom field labels?

The bigger problem, however, is that the Copy to action actually changes the Form Defaults for the target form. After the foregoing action is complete, the default custom field content for sales invoices has been changed to match the content of the custom field from the sales quote. What was specific content for one transaction form has become default content for a different type form.

I am putting this topic into the Bugs category.

Isn’t the solution here, is not to have custom fields with the same name in different forms where there can be content conflict.

If Sales Quotes has a custom field called Notes then that custom field content gets transferred with Copy To.
If Sales Invoices also has a custom field called Notes but with Form Default content, then the User has setup a content conflict clash.

Yes, this is how it’s meant to work. Form defaults will be used only if custom field cannot be copied from the source document (in this case from the quote).

This was a bug. Fixed in the latest version (18.7.34). Good that you caught it, I can only imagine how confusing this would be!

This sounds like the intuitive approach to me.

Hi, Im now using v22.1.2 windows version and seems like the issue reoccur. When use “Copy To” function, the form default text I have input in “Sales Quotes”’ custom fields at has overwritten the form default text in “Sales Invoice” custom fields.

@anotheruser, you are responding to a 3 1/2 year old topic. Since then, a great many changes have occurred in copy and cloning functions. Saying “seems like the issue reoccur” is not enough information.

Illustrate what you see with screen shots of the Edit screens for the source transaction, the copied transaction, and the Form Defaults (both before and after).