Custom Fields

I have added a Custom Field (TERMS & CONDITIONS) to Quotes and Custom Field (PAYMENT DETAILS) to Invoices. The fields show up on the Quotes & Invoices and I fill in the relevant information. On the next Quote or Invoice the headings appear but the details do not carry over. As the details do not change how do I get this information to appear at the bottom of all quotes and Invoices without having to type it on every Quote & Invoice. I have read the articles on Custom Field but just cant seem to get a handle on it. Cheers.

read the guide on Form Defaults.

I have its about as clear as mud

Have sorted it all out. Apparently you create the custom field in Custom Fields which gives you the heading and then you have to go to Form Defaults to enter the details. Complicated way of doing things.

actually it is easier when you have to set defaults for many fields.
previously you had to edit every single custom field to set a default text. now its on a single page.