Custom field text box not showing on sales invoices

hi - the text entry box for custom field Sales Invoice is not coming up -
when I checked on invoice the field is there with the “label” but (obviously) an empty box…

sequence used - “custom fields” - select “new field” on Sales invoices - enter label - enter position - ticked “show on documents” - select “paragraph text” … no entry box…

Where are you saying it does not show? Entry screen or finished document? And did you put any content in the field? And are you referring to a form default or an individual invoice?

Finally, what version number?

good morning Tut

no entry box on custom field creation screen ( see image )
the custom field does show on invoice, but has empty box as no entry made (
see image )
version 18.1.16

Try removing the punctuation mark

thanks for suggestion,
tried and no difference.
if I select “drop down list” the entry box appears, but nothing with
“single line” or “paragraph text”

the default text to be entered in a custom field is now moved to the new Form Defaults under settings.
so after creating the custom field, go to the relevant form under Form Defaults and set the default text there.
for example if you have created the above mentioned custom field for sales invoices, edit the sales invoices under Form Defaults and enter the default text in the custom field there.

thanks for suggestion, but you need to select a customer in “form defaults”
so it will only effect that customer ?
I need the same information to be at the bottom of each invoice to each

Hi @BizzeeBee

The change is recent, and there are still a few things to be worked out. The interface is one of those that might change, as others have noticed the issue you mentioned as well.

However, what is important is that anything you enter in the form default will be for all customers.

Try this:

  1. Select a customer. Any customer.
  2. Choose a default value for that field.
  3. Click the little “x” next to the customer you chose earlier, to remove that default. Your custom field and other fields will disappear. This is OK.
  4. Save/Update.

If you then try to create an invoice for any customer, the default value should show up.

read below. the same is applicable in your case.

that worked !! thanks very much, looks a little long way around approach
but at least it worked.

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Hello, I have version 18.1.95 (recent).
I created some custom fields for invoice and entered some content for the custom fields.
When I create an invoice from an order, there is only 1 custom field that is filled out.
The 3 recent created custom fields are not filled in…?

When you defined the custom fields, did you check the box to show on printed documents?

Hi Tut,
Yes I did! Several times.
And also set up the defaults.
It seems he doesn’t copy all the default values when copy from order to invoice.
When making invoice directly, the defaults are correct filled out.

can you please provide a screenshot of these custom fields both on your order and invoice forms?
(on the edit screen and not the final document)

Hi, yes I will tonight!
There are no custom fields on my order, I just use orders to save all the work I do per month for a client.
Once a month I copy that to a new invoice.
I set up the default custom fields on invoices.
When copying from order to new invoice, not all the defaults are filled out. Directly via invoice it does.
But I will provide you some screenshots tonight!
Can I send them directly to you via mail?

no you can upload here on the forum so even other users can help you with it.

also, please inform which version you are on.

ok you do not have to give any more details.
this looks like a bug. i will create a new topic for it.

I don’t believe this is a bug. The point of copying is to copy information on the source transaction, not to modify it with default information for the destination form. Copying carries forward unique information already entered. It should not be corrupted by defaults.

i defer from your opinion.
each form has their own contents. its not like every form should have the same information.

i have doubt that you are assuming copying the contents of custom fields itself when their title is same.
but this is not the case. the issue is that the defaults set for a custom field in sales invoice do not appear when copied from a sales quote even with no custom fields.

Are you saying the field is missing or that it’s contents from form defaults is missing? The first would be a bug. The second would be intended as I understand the program’s design. I’m not able to test right now.