Unable to update sales invoice Custom Field default text?

I’ve been using Desktop edition for a few years now and it’s been great but I’ve come across a problem that I can’t find any way to resolve.

I’d customised the default sales invoice layout to add a text box, into which I placed general information, such as our bank account details, registered charity number, who to contact in case of queries, etc. And this information was the default text that was printed on every invoice.

In a subsequent update to Manager the ability to customise sales invoices was restricted and my text box was apparently converted into a Custom Field; but the default text still printed on every invoice and it didn’t seem a problem.

However, we’ve changed our bank and I need to amend the account details on our invoices. But I can’t find any way to edit the default text in our Custom Field. The option in Settings has long gone. I tried editing the text in the latest invoice to see whether that would be carried forward to the next new invoice, but no luck. I then tried creating a new Custom Field (Paragraph text, size Medium) which was fine, but the text wasn’t retained as default wording for the next invoice.

Can this be fixed quickly as I’m leaving and handing over to someone who’s wholly unfamiliar with Manager and would like everything to be as easy for him as possible??!!

Many thanks for a great program.

You are correct. Your text was converted into a custom field. To change it, you must use another, newer feature called Form Defaults. There is a Guide about them. Basically, go to the default sales invoice definition and edit the text in the custom field.

Brilliant! Many thanks, @Tut.

I’d looked at Form Defaults but hadn’t realised I first had to enter a customer before the rest of the form appeared!

Thank you again.