Custom Fields Enhancements (Defaults and Display Ordering)

I have a couple of suggestions surrounding custom fields that I’d find beneficial.

First, would it be possible to add the ability to set defaults to such fields similar to the way the a default can be set in, for example, the notes or view template fields in Sales Invoices? I use a custom paragraph text field to include a service update message at the end of my invoices which tends to stay the same for a period of time. At the moment, I’m having to copy and paste the text each time from a previous document.

Second, could we have the ability to change the display order of custom fields? At the moment, I believe they’re listed at the end of the regular input form in alphabetical order. Whilst keeping these at the end of the regular form is fine, it would be good if the order could be completely customised within their block to ensure that fields can follow a logical layout whilst keeping friendly names.

Thanks very much.

Check the latest version (15.1.21), both suggestions are now implemented.

Thanks @lubos. Much appreciated. The defaults work well and will save time/reduce errors.

Re the ordering, I presume the Position option when setting up or editing a custom field should be a numeric input. Indeed, I’ve given my three fields under Sales Invoice the values of 10,20,30 to set the order I’d like and in the list of custom fields under Settings, the order now reflects my preference. I don’t see any change however on the Sales Invoices input/edit form itself and it’s here where the custom ordering is the most useful. Would you mind having a look at this bit at your convenience?

Thanks as always for the work you’re doing on this.

Ditto for custom fields on customer form. Values added to order field on set-up screen but no change resulted to order of fields displayed.


Fixed in the latest (15.1.24)

That’s perfect. Thanks very much.

Maybe I am not doing this right. I have tried putting 1 in, 3 in, 50 in etc but my custom field Supplier Order Number is still sitting at the bottom of the page! Top and Bottom does not work either. How do I get my custom field to be the third field seeing as using the numbers 1,2,3, etc do not seem to work. I cannot see what I am doing wrong

Regardless of the order numbering you provide, custom fields are still grouped together in their own ‘block’ after the standard fields. The ordering refers to the positions of individual fields within that block.

So, say you have the following custom fields in (for example) Supplier:

  • Field1 (Position 10);
  • Field2 (Position 5);
  • Field3 (Position 20)

The order of those fields would be Field2; Field1; Field3 - but they won’t mix in with the standard fields, the order of which cannot (to the best of my knowledge) be changed.

Oh I see. I was wondering why I could not get it to work. I will ask @lubos if he can add that onto the feature list as I want the suppler order number in the same area as my purchase order number. If its right at the bottom, I will probably forget to put it in! But your explanation makes sense.