Checking version number?

Just downloaded the latest desktop version for Mac and find the “About Manager” option seems to have disappeared from the Menu?

Version number is now in the upper right corner of the window, above the Backup button:

Well, it’s faint and hard to see. :frowning:

It’s fairly standard practice for any Mac software to have an About button with the version number and the software homepage clearly stated, yes?

Standard doesn’t mean universal. And Manager is a multi-platform application, not just a Mac app.

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Ouch, that IS faint.

I would argue that it pretty much is universal across most (if not all) GUI platforms to include something specifically in an about or help or some related dropdown menu area. (don’t worry, I’m prepared to be flamed for such a comment).

Having said that, I like that it is always visible, it saves having to go to the about any special place to find it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll go back to my corner now.


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Hi @Tut, is there any way we can find out what the latest version is, so that we can compare with our current version. I am not sure if it is of benefit to download every day to keep up


Hi @Tut

I used to go to this link
but it now shows 17.3.20 which is a lot older than my current version 17.4.30


The link you mentioned is currently correct for the server version, which is not being updated as I understand, due to pending improvements on users and data storage. There is no need to update unless a release note announces a change you want to immediately take advantage of or a big functional change. Most updates are actually invisible to users.

I’m glad I landed on this page, I was surprised to find that I’m on the latest server version since I’ve had this up for a few weeks now.

What’s the current desktop version?

(I would check myself, but I’ve had a major disruption to my service this week (early 2011 MBP GFX died) and I’m running on a very old ubuntu machine (32bit 512MB RAM) that I really don’t want to stress out).

At this moment, 17.4.61.

Anyone know what the new version of this is to get the current version from a script?

The above results in permission denied

New link is

ahhh cool @lubos, I spent ages trying to come up with a script to try and determine it. lol Thanks