Are desktop and server versions "re-aligned"

@lubos (or anyone),

What has been the development on the current server version?

Do desktop and server versions numbers align?

A few weeks ago I discovered the server version was being held pending feature changes and so the desktop and server versions had become “unaligned”.

I have been keeping my eye out for updated posts regarding the server version and with regard to the two latest releases threads [17.4.0] and [17.5.8] There is no mention of the server versioning and whether they’ve “re-aligned” or not. From memory I’ve seen posts indicating that some are on a higher version than me, but then that version (I think) was still not the current desktop version.

As such I haven’t updated or downloaded a new version for either until confirmation they were the same again.

The phase out of appdata dependent update is roll backed. So the multiple access to different .manager is still in use, the long numerical .manager file in appdata is back except the changes that is improved in my memory bank the managerserver can now point the target appdata folder to other path, can specify which modular tab to be açcesible to restricted user. (No email for user like the previous changes)

As I don’t have multiple users, that thread was of no interest to me and so I missed that post (although I don’t think I’ve been here in the last four days—maybe, maybe not, my mind is mush).

Thanks for the update, I might download it to a VM and have a check anyways. Thanks again

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All editions are aligned now. So all bug fixes and improvements apply to all editions from now on.

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Hi @lubos, so we are now back with our headers as in Back Business Users Preferences and about manager, would that be correct


Hi @Brucanna
Thank you for the confirmation, just can’t keep up, I guess there would be a reason?, I think we used to receive messages of any major changes as a email

It was included in this release notes

Don’t think emails occur any more, but major changes are announced under Forum - Releases

No longer under the forums, check here: