Upgrading Manager

I downloaded Desktop version 14.1.8 yesterday and while I assume that it’s the latest stable version, I don’t see any ‘check for updates’ tab. Neither do I see a version number on your website.

Be that as it may, I think your program is really very good with a neat and clean GUI and you seem to respond very quickly to user’s questions and suggestions.

I thank you for the generosity of making the desktop version available for free. I would gladly buy the server version except I do not have a need for it. Basically because our power supply can be erratic at times and if I am on a business trip, there isn’t anyone to start the computer/server again ( I am a one-man operation).

What would be nice though is a server-like version that could access Dropbox, Sugarsync or better yet, Amazon S3 files via browser.

The latest version number is displayed on download page.

Check for updates tab is not available because I really want to discourage people upgrading daily. If you sign up for mailing list at the bottom of http://www.manager.io, you will receive once-a-month summary of all new features, enhancements and bug fixes. So perhaps that is the right time to upgrade if you like.

Regarding Dropbox, you can go to About Manager and change path to folder where Manager will store your data. In other words, you can point Manager to your Dropbox folder if you like.

Thanks for prompt reply, Lubos,

Yes, I see now that the version number is on the download page. I didn’t notice it before. My apologies.

Regarding Dropbox or equivalent, I did understand about changing the path and I am using my dropbox account for the company files (there are 3 files,… companyname.manager, index.file and alphanumericname.manager, correct?) but I was under the impression that the server version could be accessed via a web browser without having to install Manager on the ‘guest’ computer.

I am going to sign-up for addition to mailing list.

Was this mailing list removed? I want to sign up and can’t find it.

That was eliminated long ago. Monitor important releases under the Releases category of this forum.