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I notice that the version numbers have been removed from the download page of the website but it still shows on the releases page. This was a very useful facility as sometimes the version numbers on the download page were higher than that on the releases page showing that a newer version was available, Is this a temporary change or is this going to be permanent or is something changing altogether please?

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Yes I was wondering the same thing .I used to check what version number my manager was on then go to the web site and check what version it had

yes, we agreed that version should be shown to check which version are we using and latest release version

I created this and I will attempt to keep this up to date as far as possible, but for the time being, the current version info is available here (create a bookmark and save it to your bookmarks bar or similar):

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the download page now shows the latest version number available for download in a better way than before.

this doesn’t help those running server edition and wanting to confirm that version (yes, they are usually the same, but not always)…

Yes, they are always the same. Only the cloud edition has very occasionally (actually just once that I know of) been frozen when a major change has been introduced to let the desktop users be the beta testers.