Display Current Version and Updates

Kindly give information about the current version, either on the homepage or on the download page of the website.
We have to dig deeper into the website to get this information.
Another suggestion would be to give this information in the program itself, either by a popup message or displaying the information “New Version/Update Available” on the right hand side of the “About Manager” button.

If you search this forum, you’ll find that this question has been answered before: The current version number is always posted at https://mngr.s3.amazonaws.com/version.txt

(I agree that it would be nice for this information to be included either in the filename or on the Download webpage – a server-side include would easily accomplish that – but Lubos has indicated that he prefers not to do that.)

As for a pop-up saying that a new version is available, Manager is updated very frequently – sometimes multiple times in a single day – so this would be intrusive. Major updates are announced in the Changelog on the website.