Confused about version numbers


I’m a bit confused as to where to grab the latest version. I thought that the following link showed the current version:

But that refers to 17.7.67

Secondly, in regards to upgrading manager (Ubuntu | Manager) it references: (note the 17.8.20)

So my question is:
Where do I get a “latest link” that doesn’t have a guessing game with version numbers in the URL? I thought that would always be the latest, but it’s not.

Thanks again

this is the one and only link:


There is no link for server edition there


Aren’t you talking about the cloud edition? I’m talking about the server edition, that runs on my own hardware. Plus, if it updated automatically, why is there an entire page dedicated on how to update it?

ya i am sorry i was in haste, i withdrew the post.

There was no official announcement, but has not been updated since the version number was added to the download links for the Desktop edition.

All three editions of Manager should be at the same version number. So assume the version number for the Desktop edition is correct for all editions unless there is an announcement stating otherwise.

@dcVest Thanks man

@lubos Is there any way to get a standardized download link again that always gives the latest version for Server Edition? I have the update process scripted, and as it stands, every time I need to update Manager, I have to alter the script download URL to include version numbers now. Thank you!

as per information provided by @lubos there is new link:

also, download link has now changed… e.g.

As you can see versions are now embedded in download link so you will be able to download historical versions too.


How ?
Where can you make that selection ?

by manually entering the address, eg

i believe you can edit the version number in the web-link to download older versions. i have not tried it for myself and i do not know what is the oldest version you can download. i have just informed the users as is @lubos informed me.

See this post for the reason version numbers were added to the Server edition:


Thanks, it seems I will be able to script automatic upgrades by getting the current version using and then jamming that number into here<version>/ManagerServer.tar.gz

Thanks everyone! Problem solved!

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