Current Version Information

Continuing the discussion from Download Versions:

I wanted to start a new thread so that hopefully we can keep this one up to date as the system changes from time to time. Perhaps that thread could have just been renamed, but anyway here is what I have:

Version information on the download page

2019-11-24: At some prior to this date it use to appear on the download page. It doesn’t now.


2019-11-24: For some time the changelog location has been:

2015-08: As noted by @tut in Latest version the changelog at the bottom of the home page no longer exists, however Releases | Manager does redirect to (as at the time of writing) Releases | Manager which currently does appear at the top of the home page under releases.

Actual Download version number

2019-11-24: current location:

This has appeared and disappeared from several times (reference: What is the lastest Release Version? ), this now no longer exists.

Get current version in a browser

In short I saved a bookmark to the old versions.txt file, I have now updated it to the file. Bookmark this link: