Chart of Accounts - Account's Code


Is there a way to insert alphanumeric codes (A1000) or complex codes (100.100.100) into chart of accounts’ code field?


No. Integer numbers only.


It would be great to have this upgrade.


For what purpose? The point of the account code is to order the accounts on the summary page. I cannot see any other use for account codes.


Account codes are often used to indicate hierarchies and relationships within an accounting structure. For example, group 6700 might be expenses for business taxes paid. 6710 could be real property taxes, 6720 municipal license taxes, 6730 district fire protection tax. In Manager, 6700 could be assigned to an expense group, while 6710, 6720, and 6730 would be individual account codes. (Group and total codes are separate sequences in Manager, but work just as well when they fit a bigger structure.)

This approach would handle @Davide’s desire for detailed account designations, just without letters and decimal points. Manager will accept codes up to 10 digits long.


Maybe you might want to read this:

The first digit might signify the type of account (asset, liability, etc.). For example, if the first digit is a “1,” it is an asset. If the first digit is a “6,” it is an operating expense.

But at the end, one often follows the chart of accounts as instructed by your accountant.


Interesting. I never realised that the account code was used for actual accounting purposes. I was always under the impression that it was used to order the accounts on the summary page which is what I use it for, mainly for the sub headings. Oh well its not something that I need to worry about as my accountant has never asked me to address that and I don’t think its required in UK law. Thanks for clarifying that.


Account codes obviously also control the order of appearance in Manager. So both purposes are useful, depending on what you need. In some jurisdictions, certain businesses (or perhaps all) must use legally mandated account structures.


Yes they are. And in Italy for my kind of activity the law states that se should use letters, numbers and dots. That’s way I was asking if It can be pur under ideas


@lubos any news about this feature? Are you planning it? Thanks


Currently, the Code field is used mostly for making accounts to appear in correct order. I’m considering to replace this with some drag & drop mechanism for easier re-ordering and then introduce proper field for account codes which will allow alphanumerical characters (not just number).

At this point, if you need to show account code with non-numerical characters, why not put this code into the name field?


That’s what I’m doing right now. But since I use those codes also for extra reporting and business intelligence, having those inside the description fields, it’s not very functional. And you have to keep in mind that I don’t want those codes to show in every report.

It would be easy and fine to have a “note” text column in the chart of account fields that one can choose to display or not in Manager’s reports.

The ideal thing as I said once would be the possibility to put custom fields also in the chart of accounts.