Journal entries and account numbers

Is there any possibility to have account numbers shown when displaying / printing journal entries?

I don’t think so.

If it is REALLY important, then you could incorporate the Account Code into the Account Name eg “0100 Sales” instead of “Sales”

That is not a good solution. I will have double account codes on reports where they can be printed.

Sometimes you can select not to print account codes, so then you wouldn’t get them in double

Since journal entries are 100% for internal purposes, it makes sense to me that account codes could be very useful. However, if implemented, this should be optional, because some users do not employ account codes as part of an overall classification scheme, but only to control the order of appearance.

I’ll put this in the Ideas category. Let’s see what others think.

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Yeah, I see no reason why it shouldn’t show. So this is now shown in the latest version (18.4.67).

I’ll probably isolate Code into its own column at some point. Right now it will show besides account name.

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You’d be surprised at what documents a government audit would like to have a look here.
Basically every possible printout needs to have account codes. :slight_smile:

But thanks for making it possible to have them on journal entries @lubos.

This is only partially implemented. For control accounts, which already had a second-tier subsidiary account showing, the account code is not displayed. For example, in this case, Accounts receivable has an account code of 1300, but it does not show:


This is extra, and this software is developing in the right direction.
What I would suggest in code-related links, which is to allow the code field to accept “0” as the starting element, I state this because all Intangible Assets of a business entity of the group “0”, that is, this field is not acts as a number for positioning the elements within the Balance Sheet and the profit and loss account, but only as a code, if necessary for the positioning of these elements, then a second field will be added next to this field for the code. Thank you.

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all accounts are sorted alphabetically. if you want to show the account names in an order of your choice, just add numbers in front of your account name. there is no need of a separate field for this.

There were I believe some discussion in the past about account codes starting with 0, but nothing has come out of it. Though tere are plenty of jurisdictions that have chart of accounts with 0XX regarding all sorts of assets.

Not sure if there should be a new topic for this, but it will be nice and useful to have the account codes on the General Ledger Transactions report similarly to what can be done by clicking show account codes on report.

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