Reorder Tabs

@lubos please consider providing a similar reorder feature to the left-pane functional tabs.
the option can be provided under Customize

this would help the users access the frequently used tabs more easily than scrolling the screen when a considerable number of tabs are enabled.

also, few users on the forum had previously requested the ability to show a tab of their choice instead of the Summary page when opening Manager. I believe this request too can be addressed by reordering any tab to the first position if such a function is implemented.


@sharpdrivetek customization is Manager’s strength and that would be an addition to that.

I support.


Tabs are already ordered according to the functionalities. If you are not using any function please do not activate it. Also if you are using server or cloud edition you have ability to restrict usage for any specific user so that they only see as per their job requirements.

yes. but not all related tabs are used frequently. for example, you rarely use the Bank Accounts / Cash Accounts tab for entering transactions whereas you frequently use the Receipts & Payments tab. so having the rarely used tabs occupying screen space which can be utilized for other frequently used tabs in day-to-day activities like Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Purchase Orders, etc will be useful for majority of users.

the number of tabs depends on the type of business. a production based business will need most of the tabs available in Manager and it is not efficient to scroll screen to access frequently used tabs like Production Orders when rarely used other tabs lie idle at the top of the list.

my suggestion was to provide useful functionality for all users irrespective of the Manager edition. a shopkeeper being the sole user will not be using the cloud or server editions. the idea is to meet the needs of everyone.

I agree with @sharpdrivetek. This would make it so much easier, especially seeing as the left column is not a separate pane that can be scrolled without the whole page scrolling.
I thing the re-order function should be put in ideas…


I also agree. I have some eyesight issues and run my monitor at a fairly low resolution with 125% ‘display’ to help make everything on screen larger. I also have a company which uses most of the various tabs available in manager but only actively use maybe 4 or 5 in any given day. Because of the larger display, I’m constantly having to scroll down on the interface to get what I need.

Think of this as an Accessibility ‘feature’ along with it just being hugely useful for many of us.