Account Codes

I am using account codes as my accountant urges me to do so. Its a four digit code, sometimes with a starting zero e.g. 0010. However, Manager trims the first zero values and treats my code as a number. Would it be possible to keep these zero’s present to keep the account codes aligned when generating a report?

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Why not start your codes from 1000 and then the problem will disappear. Also you could use the first digit as part of a structure such as 1000’s for income, 2000+ for cost of sales, 2300+ Direct Expense etc, etc


That would be a good workaround, but…

Most accounting offices (at least here in The Netherlands) have their own code-system allowing them to easily understand someones books. If I start changing the codes they will not be very happy with me.

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Ok, for those codes less then 1000 you need either a) Manger to hardcode the leading zeros or b) use an insignificant character so the display almost looks correct. In your first post you used 0010, perhaps that could become O010 or '010.

In the first sample the capital letter O has been used in place of a zero which may or may not work.
Normally, standard computer sorting puts numerals first and alpha second, therefore 4000 would be listed before O010.

In the second sample the special character ’ (single quotation) has been used and could more likely work as special characters sort before numerical and alpha.

I frequently use ! for this purpose, but in your case this looks to much like a 1. So why not trial a few such as the ’ or - or ^. As long as the code 10 stands out, then the readability should be okay

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I still wonder, what’s difference between “0010” and just “10”. Why preserving leading zeroes is so important in this case?

Perhaps @patrickdewit needs to give a clear example of the situation, but I got the impression that the code 0010 was being listed as 10 left justified instead of being right justified

The dashes have entered for padding only

In Manager, account codes are stored as numbers so the sorting would be numerical.

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Mostly a indentation issue when making a report.

However, when making a report in Manager 16.1.62 the account codes do not show up, even though the box is checked to show them… Minor glitch?

Which report, @patrickdewit?

Most of them, profit/loss, balance etc.

Account codes not displaying on P&L and B/S should be fixed in the latest version (16.2.3)

Hi, Account codes are NOT appearing in any P&L or B&S items

when i UPDATE this account the CODE are NOT saved,

Please help ! ! !

Account codes can only be whole numbers - no alpha, spaces or special characters

instead 1-1-0-2 do 1102 it only records whole numbers instead special characters

It sure makes a difference,this is the logic of building a charter of accounts and has nothing to do with mathematics

I’m not sure if you are expressing support or dismay for the fact that account codes must be whole numbers. But if you are against the current implementation, I will say that purely numerical account codes are so common, I have actually never seen anything else in practice. The absence of dashes between numbers does not prevent you from following a typical structure, where the first figure represents the highest category, the second figure the next tier down, and so forth. Allowing only unpunctuated numbers does not require that account codes be sequential.

The reason they must be numbers rather than alphanumeric mashups is so Manager can put them in order in displays.

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