Show group codes on reports

In the Chart of Accounts, I’ve specified a (in my case a 4-digit) number as the 'Code" for each Account and (account) Group. The Codes are organized in a structured and hierarchical order (e.g. 4300 Utilities; 4330 Water Expenses; 4332 Potable Water)

When displaying/printing accounting reports, the ‘Code’ precedes the Account Name (as intended, as ‘checked’ in the ‘Set Period’ of the ‘Summary’ ).

However, the (account) group name does not show the associated code in the reports. (in my case, no Code would be printed/displayed for Utilities and Water Expenses, only for Potable Water)

May I suggest, as an enhancement, to have the Code also shown for the Group account names (for lay-out consistenty).

Thks - Eric

Running Desktop Manager 18.7.21 on Mac High Sierra

what I did to my account codes,

Instead 4 digits, I setup with 5 digits (xxxxx)

Where the first of digit x (x-xxxx) is the system account (balance sheet) and group or total (in Profit and Loss Sheet) , such as

For Example,

1 - Asset (Balance Sheet)
2 - Liability (Balance Sheet)
3- Equity (Balance Sheet)
4- Main Income (Income Statement : Group)
5 - Less: COGS (Income Statement : Group)
6 - Gross Profit (Income Statement : Total)
7 - Secondary Income (Income Statement : Group)
8 - Less: Indirect Expense ( Income Statement : Group)
9 - Net Profit ( Income Statement : Total)

The second and third digit of ‘xx’ (x-‘xx’-{xx]) is the group account and Account (which may the same level of group account), The {xx] is the account where is always been under group accounts

For example, For second tier Group Accounts

1. Asset (Noted cannot be user defined : edit)
  11001. Bank GGWP
  11002. IMF
 12000. Cash-in-Hand
  12001. Cash Drawer
  12002. Petty Cash.

For example, For Third tier Group Accounts

  1. Asset (Noted cannot be user defined : edit)
    11100. Bank GGWP
    11101. Current Account
    11102. Saving Account
    11200. IMF
    11201. Gold Vault
    11202. Petrol Dollar Account
    12000. Cash-in-Hand
    12001. Cash Drawer
    12002. Petty Cash.

You have to manually create and assign the account under the group.

oh you meant in the report?


I Like it, the way it is, currently.

Yes indeed, I meant in the report.

Looking at your example, this means

Less: 7000 Indirect Expenses
7100 General and Administrative Expenses

In my example this woulsd mean
Less: 4000 Expenses
4300 Utilities
4330 Water Expenses

Truthfully, I prefer the current one, What I did, Whenever I give my auditor the report, I gave them the chart of accounts for their reference in excel format.

I can see your point. Not having the ‘Group’ displayed is visually more pleasing (only show the code on the real account level). I raised the suggestion for 2 reasons:
a) uniformity and consistrency of the report data
b) on a more functional level: I am developing an excel extract to include a ‘year-view’ of the budgetting
(actual spent vs current period budget and actual spent vs year budget). Having the group code included in the Profit and Loss report would grealty simplify the vba procedure and data-set processing after exporting the report to excel.

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Now I know what is it for, then this is has to be at programmer level. Which I’m not good at. Is better to do it via api. no?


Currently group codes in Manager are only used to control ordering of groups within chart of accounts.

I want to introduce some “drag & drop” mechanism into chart of accounts so you can sort your groups without using codes. Then if you really want group codes, you can use the field and codes could show on reports.

Currently I don’t want to show group codes because most people don’t actually want that but are forced to use group codes to control the ordering.

Ok. Noted. Thks