Change Status payment from Pending to Cleared

Is it possible to have the [Status] set to [Cleared] as standard?
For example in [Settings]-[Form defaults]-[Payment].
Now the user has to change the [Status] of a payment from [Pending] to [Cleared].

You can do it in form defaults. When you select bank account, you can change status, then unselect bank account and save form default.

Followed your advice.
Was not able to unselect bankaccount without having the [Status] field disappeared.
So I now did select the bankaccount which is most often used.

Do not worry about field disappearing, you can save form default without bank account being selected. Once it’s selected in real transaction, Status will be automatically set to whatever it was set in form defaults before disappearing.

Super! Saves a lot of clicking…

Very cool, thanks!

In the latest version (22.8.8), when setting up new account under Bank and Cash Accounts tab, there is now new checkbox.


Status field on receipts, payments and inter-account transfers will show only if this checkbox is checked.

I think this is better solution because I assume most businesses are working off their bank statements and therefore never have pending receipts or payments. So by default this removes one field from the form for those who never need it anyway.


Top! Thanks!

The box is checked by default on all the bank & cash accounts after the update. The receipt that was recorded as cleared on later date is still not showing in pending deposits. Version 22.8.9



It works as designed. Once you enter the date when the receipt has been cleared, it’s no longer pending to be cleared. It has worked like this before the update too.