Payment and Receipt transaction Status

I am from New Zealand. In this country no trading banks accept or issue cheques for financial transaction and every one now uses online banking and mobile phone apps to complete financial transactions. these occure within banks in real time and overnight for interbank. There for the need for the Pending / Cleared field in most busnises, is now not required. It would be geat if we could have the option in our preferenses to either switch this feature off of at least set the default to cleared. It is a pain and time wasting to have to set the status to cleared every time i enter a payment or a reciept.
Many thanks

In Settings/Forms default/Receipts and Settings/Forms default/Payments select a bank accout and then set the default to Cleared

Deselect the bank account and then Update

When you create a new receipt or payment and select a bank account, the default will now be cleared

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Hi Joe91
Many thanks for that. Problem Solved