Bank and Cash Accounts

Dear Lubos,
possible on receipt in bank account after silect bank, status first autoshows in cleared because some user forgets to change pending to cleared

You can set that in Form defaults. When in form defaults, select bank account so the status field is revealed. Set the status field to Cleared and then unselect bank account. Then save the form default.

Go create new receipt and see the default will be Cleared when selecting a bank account.

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thank you very much

Wow, thank you @lubos , this also works for inter account transfers, which has sort of been annoying me for a while… :sunglasses:

This technique was described in a newsletter article months ago. One of the benefits of subscribing. The article was about “hidden Form Defaults.”

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One negative impact of it being mentioned in the newsletter is that any new users joining afterwards will not have received it, even if they sign up for the newsletter as soon as they discover Manager.

Perhaps it is worthwhile copying that same technique into the guides section, so that it is available in a more permanent and accessible location?

Hi there,

Just trying to set status in bank account to “cleared”. I have tried to follow Setting > Form Defaults > Bank Account, but unable to see the Status field. Am I in the wrong place, and where should I look or do.

Many thanks

@Grandpa follow Setup> Form Defaults> Edit> Receipt or Payments tab and select the bank account to show the status tab here you change pending to clear and save, then edit again remove the selected bank account and save

Thanks for that.