Receipts & Payments - Cleared vs Pending

When entering a new receipt or a new payment, the filed for cleared/pending is defaulting to cleared. I am unable to locate a control setting that will cause these entries to default to pending status. I’m using the most recent desktop version on Windows platform. Can this setting be modified by the user?

Go to Settings > Form Defaults > Payment or Receipt. If you select a default bank account, the Cleared/Pending field will appear. This form default will be applied whether the transaction is a receipt or payment, despite the fact that one or the other always shows on the default form.

If you edit the transaction to a different bank account, the Pending selection will remain. If you edit it to a cash account, that field, of course, disappears.


Thank you Tut, this worked perfectly.

Also you can change the pending / cleared box while keeping the default account blank by going to settings > form default > payment / receipt and choosing a bank account.

From there edit the pending / cleared and then remove the account. Works perfect for us so that we don’t post receipts to the wrong account by mistake but they still default to pending!


Good trick, @VISA-MC. Is it possible to add the Status field (with a dropdown containing Pending & Cleared selections) after the Paid From & Received In fields in the Inter Account Transfer Form in the Settings / Form Defaults tab, similar to the Receipts & Payments form defaults?

It is already there if you choose a bank account for either the Paid from or Received in field.

Thank you.