Receipting Invoice status Pending

Hello is there anywhere to change or to make the default status of receipts and payment to “Cleared” as opposed to “Pending”?


form defaults

  • select an account
  • set cleared
  • clear the account

In Form defaults, select a bank account, then change status to cleared, then delete the bank account before clicking “Update”.

Hey Guys perfect, thank you.

In the latest version (22.6.12) it’s no longer required to set form defaults for this as Cleared (on the same date) is the first choice by default. Not Pending.

Actually there is no Pending status anymore in drop-down. It’s either Cleared on the same date or Cleared on a later date.




@Lubos, to save some real estate consider change to:

Cleared” to “Cleared on
“On the same date” to “Same date”
“On a later date” to “Later date”

@lubos I’m not a fan of this change. As one who does manual entry of bank transactions rather than importing them and doing a traditional reconciliation with the bank statement, having a receipt listed as cleared “On a later date” so that it will show as uncleared for the recon is not an accurate status of the transaction. Additionally, for payments, consider a lost check that will not ever be cleared and may require a voided status.

You should set the form defaults to reflect your preference.

Imported bank transactions are always given cleared status in both the old and the new system. If you do not want manual entries to default to cleared then you can as @Patch advised make on a later date the default behaviour in Form Default settings.

If it’s not yet cleared, keep the date black. If it never gets cleared, the transaction should be deleted anyway so the field is irrelevant.

Cleared on an unknown future date and “pending” are essentially the same – for all practical purposes, it’s just semantics at this point.

That was my original reasoning for defaults but there is deeper reason why new default is like this. You can make always override defaults under Form Defaults

Yes, this can be further extended. Right now the only way to deal with this is to enter clear date and then copy the transaction with reversed amounts. But I agree that there could be extra option to handle “never cleared” transactions.