Inter account transfer Defaults

Previously in inter account transfers the default was cleared. Now it has changed to pending in the latest version. Is there a way to default it one way or the other?

If I use form Defaults I would have to choose an account to apply before the cleared option would appar which would mean its defaulted to that account… Not a big thing just a question.

You can set the default as either Pending or Cleared. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Form Defaults under Settings.
  2. Choose a bank account in the Paid from field. (Pending/Cleared is only available for bank accounts. All cash transactions are automatically cleared.)
  3. Make your selection.
  4. Delete the bank account.
  5. Repeat the process for the Received in field.
  6. Click Update.

The only reason for selecting the bank account(s) is to make the Status field visible temporarily. Once you have, its contents are not erased by deleting the bank account.

When you now create a new inter account transfer, no matter which bank account you select in either field, the status will be as determined in Form Defaults. Status can be edited on the individual transfer form.

perfect. Thank you