Hide Inactive Accounts

@Mark form his message it seems he only has few active ones and does not want to scroll down over the inactive ones to the bottom of the page to for example use batch update.

That doesn’t solve the problem. It just reorders the active accounts and doesn’t hide the inactive ones. The page is just as cluttered as before.
Thanks for you comment.

OK, I understand now. I thought you were talking about improving access to the active accounts.

BTW, I see you already brought this up 6 years ago in this post. :grin:

I see that there are 21 results when searching for hide inactive but none is in the Ideas category and I think you are making a point here (again) so maybe one of the Mods can mark it as idea.

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One thing which I do to save scrolling is to edit the bank accounts so that they
even though they never actually have pending transactions.

This adds a column in the Bank and Cash Accounts tab called “Cleared Balance”. Clicking the balance amount under cleared balance opens the account and also adds a new button at the top,

When you import statements with this button the bank account is preselected, which saves me from selecting the wrong account accidentally.

Another option to save scrolling is to press the “End” key on the keyboard.

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@pau’s suggestion is (as of a few weeks ago) how bank accounts are distinguished from cash accounts. His “workaround” is actually the intended approach.

Still doesn’t address my comment that the page could be tidied with the addition of a button. Most financial programs have this feature rather than just greying accounts out.

I think there would also be reluctance to bury information in ways that make it invisible and harder to discover. There are already enough complaints about confusion over inactive records of various kinds making it hard to enter transactions. Many users have difficulty navigating their way to success when an unexpected situation arises. They simply don’t always understand all the ramifications of making something inactive.

Good to know. :smile: I had wondered why one couldn’t import statements after clicking on the balance, but going via the cleared balance is easy enough.

You can’t import statements for cash accounts, because they don’t exist.

But when you give options of displaying 25, 50, 70, are you not hiding the rest? All I’m asking for is a button to display Active v. Nonactive.
Bizarre logic!

No, you’re not hiding them. You are merely paginating. And you also have the option to show all of the records. Under your proposal, records would be hidden. Truly hidden, with no way of knowing whether or not they were actually there.

Now that is confusing because @Lubos changed the presence of “cleared” for those that mainly use bank statement imports because these by default would be cleared. So why can the Import Bank Statement not appear when clicking on the Actual Balance?

Because without the box being checked, it’s a cash account.

What utter rubbish!

Please review @Lubos explanation to which I verbally referred Change Status payment from Pending to Cleared - #7 by lubos

I wonder why your business has so many cash and bank accounts - and especially, in active ones

Maybe you are using cash avd bank accounts inappropriately and these accounts should be setup as sonething else

Can you explain why you open, use and then close so many cash and bank accounts?

I don’t run a business. I use it for home finance. Been using Manager for quite a few years
Opening and closing savings accounts all the time, riding interest rates. Most now I record as special accounts.

I don’t think that having a button next to the page index would ‘hide’ old accounts, since it would merely toggle inactive accounts on( displayed) or off( not displayed).
Having more control of the number of pages/ accounts displayed would be useful.

You could change the name of the inactive accounts by pre-fixing a “ZZ” which would put them at the bottom of the list

Inactive accounts always are on the bottom of the list. Active accounts show first by default.