Cash account just disappeared

my cash account just disappeared so i cannoto receive or pay out money. i dont know what to do

it must be under the bank account tab, maybe you had selected the option “this account is maintained by a bank” in previous version

each time i want to receive payment only bank account appears

Is the Cash Accounts tab enabled?

What version are you using? Have you updated since Cash Accounts and Bank Accounts were split into separate tabs earlier this week?

the version i use is manager17.8.14 and i did not have an idea tha it was updated this week

Read these two newly revised Guides:

If the “missing” account is actually a bank account, but was never properly designated, it is now a cash account. It cannot simply be converted, but must be emptied by transfer. Read my post in another topic.

@carine2017 - There was more information from @lubos (Manager developer), just a few hours ago, which may be another option.

It sounds like a conversion feature might be coming soon, so if it doesn’t impact you too greatly, another option is to wait for that:

they are cash information since january and i dont know where to even start from

seems i will only have to wait for the conversion

Are both your Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts tabs enabled? If so, you should be able to see the account under one or the other. Manager never deletes data by itself.

as i said all were enabled but recently only bank account shows on the left pane but cash account doesnt

Go to Customize at the bottom of the Left hand pane,
Check mark Cash Accounts
Click on Update
you will see it appear now,
then you have to create a cash account

i have seen what you are talking about throught the link. but that is not really what i mean because the bank account actually appear on the left pane but the cash account does not appear there. and i dont know where to click to receive or payout money.

Please do not mix your responses between different topics. I moved your last post to this topic because it applies to this conversation.

To resolve your problem, let’s start simply:

  1. Post a screen shot of your left navigation pane. If you don’t know how to do that, there are many approaches for obtaining the actual image depending on your operating system. Even a picture from a smartphone will do. It should look something like this, but might have only Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts:

23 AM

  1. If Bank Accounts is present, click on it and show a screen shot of what you see. It should look like this, but the names will probably we different:

45 AM

  1. If Cash Accounts is present, do the same.

  2. Is your missing account shown in either list? If so, which one?

  3. Is the missing account maintained by a bank, or is it physical cash you hold somewhere?

reading your responses i think you have been using a cash account with the same set as an account managed by a bank or financial institution. this is the reason the account has been moved to Bank Accounts automatically after the recent update.
the only option for you is to continue using the same account now under the Bank Accounts tab and wait for the convert function @lubos mentioned in another post.

Update from lubos for you:

Should be able to transfer within about a week.

thanks for your suggestions. the problem i now face is that the cash as well as the bank account appears on my bosses computer but cash account does not appear only on mine

How are you and your boss currently accessing the data?

Are you using Desktop Edition or one of the online (Cloud / Server) Editions?

If you are using Desktop Edition and sharing the .manager file via dropbox (for example), this could be problematic. If one of you were to update your Manager application and the other did not, you might end up opening the business in an older version of Manager than intended.

we use the cloud version and it is my boss who has the permission to access or update any information

you should logout from your cloud account and allow upto 20 minutes to get updated to the latest version. your boss might be on the latest version or the older version and hence the difference in the data available.