[17.8.3] Added "Bank Accounts" tab

Because, as has been explained, future direction of the two tabs are not the same. While both bank and cash accounts have been treated quite similarly up to now, that will not be the case in the future. So just ticking a box won’t work.

My Cash Accounts which consist of Building Society Accounts, Peer to Peer lending, Bonds, etc have not been transferred over to the Bank Account section. In addition I tried to re label these Cash Accounts via Edit section and am unable to do so. It seems as though these accounts are trapped in the Cash Account and are no longer displaying balances on Summary even though they have control Asset and Bank Account as control accounts. See screen shots.

Help, please!!!


the reason is you had not set these accounts checked as Managed by a bank previously. so in the recent version it has been classified under the Cash Accounts.
this has already been discussed in this very same topic. you may read about it.

Currently yes, but there has been a suggestion that a conversion option may become available.
“if you only have a few transactions then recode them, but If you have many transactions, you will need to wait for convert function”

You will need to show a screenshot of a) a chart of account control account edit screen and b) a cash account edit screen which are related to each other.

I believe the original guidelines suggested setting these up as not being controlled by a bank as there was no downloading, etc.

My accounts are now trapped with the only option of creating duplicate accounts and transferring over, then inactivating original. I can get this from a forensic point of view but this separation could have come with a user warning.

Is it possible to install an earlier version, reclassify these accounts as bank controlled, then install a current version and have transferred over ‘properly’??



@muffin, downgrading won’t work. Within a week there will be a tool to transfer accounts between cash accounts and bank accounts tabs.

Great, reassuring news, Lubos! Manager must be used in so many diverse ways now that any changes must have a ‘butterfly-monsoon’ effect!


This has become even more important to me as I’ve just discovered that one cannot create a transaction from a bank account to any of my 20+ ‘cash accounts’.

a transfer from a bank account to cash account or the opposite is now done through Inter Account Transfers.
read this guide Transfer money between bank and cash accounts | Manager

Even if an account is miscategorized, you can still do transfers to/from it. When the conversion feature becomes available, all will convert.

@muffin the latest version has Convert button in bottom-right corner under Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts tab to facilitate conversion.

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A new Guide is available describing the conversion feature: https://www.manager.io/guides/11727.

That’s great.
Noticed that all the custom fields previously associated with them gave
been wiped clean.


If they were wiped clean, it’s possible that converting doesn’t support carrying over the custom fields.

However, you could try this:

  1. Revert to a backup from just before you did the conversion.
  2. Create custom fields in the other account type as well with the same names (e.g. if Bank Accounts has ‘My Custom Field’ and you’re changing a bank account into a cash account … then add ‘My Custom Field’ to the Cash Accounts tab as well with the exact same custom field type and name).
  3. Re-try conversion.

I haven’t tested this, it’s just a theory. Otherwise you’ll need to copy the custom field information across manually.

I tested, and @ShaneAU’s idea doesn’t work, because custom themes are unique to a single form. A bank transaction form becomes a cash transaction form upon conversion. The good news is that this is something that should only be done once for an account, not something that should have to be repeated.

I also determined, however, that if the conversion has already been made, data is not lost. You can convert back and the custom field contents will reappear. That suggests the feature might be improved to carry over custom fields. But I don’t know how much effort @lubos would want to put into something that is really a workaround for improper setup already.

Interesting! And good, for anyone that accidentally converted without realising the custom fields wouldn’t carry over. They can simply revert back, and manually copy the contents before converting.

Great idea. Can’t create Custom Fields for Cash Accounts though. All
account numbers , details, owner, rates all gone.

Not gone. Just not visible. Read my post.

Thanks. I opened a backup as a new business and got all the information
back and manually reentered the data. Lesson learnt re bank acc v. cash acc.