Cash account just disappeared

ok thanks let me do it

I’m not sure that’s how it works @sharpdrivetek … being a web application, they should be on the same version no matter what.

I’m speaking generically, and making an assumption that is how manager works as well. So I could be incorrect.

The update would probably apply when no-one has been logged in for 20 minutes. So having one person logged in and another logged out would still prevent the update.

Perhaps it’s more likely to be a permissions issue? If @carine2017 doesn’t have access to that cash account, it might explain the issue.

Recently I read on this forum about an unintentional bug where users could access accounts that they weren’t supposed to have access to.

So perhaps permission was never granted for the cash account and now that the bug is fixed it’s disappeared.

@carine2017 - It would be worthwhile getting the boss to check permissions, if sharpdrive’s suggestion doesn’t work for you.

yes your point is correct. but sometimes cached web pages may cause issues too for a session. anyway @carine2017 should be able to give more details.

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