Can't open backed up business after download -resolved

We were having trouble sending emails, and I havent updated the program for a few years.
So I clicked backup and saved to the computer, and went through and dowloaded the latest one.
Now when I go to import business from the saved back up, the file I saved as backup shows up, and shows the file size, but when I click to open it is saying

“This business database is not valid
Manager data is stored in SQLite database. However it appears the file you are attempting to open is not a SQLite database.”

I don’t know what this means.

this is because of changes in database structures over the time you did not update Manager.
@lubos might be able to fix this if you send him your backup.

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Thank you, I have done some more reading and searching since I posted (in a bit of a panic), I think I have found his email address and emailed asking if there is anything we can do.
Thank you for replying

Also search the forum for discussions of updating in stages by downloading an interim version of Manager from GitHub. See, for example, The Business Database is not valid and the links it contains.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply

You can send me email to and I’ll convert it for you. But all I do, I just import your data into the last version that has supported the old database format which is 20.9.89

And then send you back backup made in that version so it can be imported into the latest version.

SQLite has been added into Manager in late 2016. So this issue is affecting only users who didn’t upgrade for 5 years or longer.

Thank you so much. I kept looking after I emailed and found this step and did it myself. Thank you for your time