The Business Database is not valid

please help me in this

i tried to install old ver of manager but it didn’t work

what should i do???


Send an email to with a back up copy of the business file.

You should never import a business file into an older version of the application, as it will either:

(a) not work, in the best case scenario like above, or
(b) the business file could become corrupted as version upgrades can change the database schema, then opening the same file in an older version of Manager can lead to unintended consequences.


  1. Download the most recent version of Manager
  2. Your business file should import as intended

@Ali_Senger, your problem occurred because your backup was made by a version of Manager so old the switch to SQLite structure had not yet occurred. For a long while, conversion was part of the installation script. But that ceased after v20.9.89. So you will need to upgrade in two stages: first to 20.9.89 (downloaded from Github), then to a more current version. See this topic for information and links: Opening old files in new version - #10 by Patch.

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