Unable to Open Backup File from 2019

Hi Admin
I am not able to open my backup file from 2019, I understand that the Manager has been updated to new version. The backup file came from another person’s computer, who has deleted the Manager Software and only has the backup file. How do I open the Backup file now pls advice.

What do you mean “open my backup file”?

Did you use the Add Business and Import Business feature?

se the guide https://www.manager.io/guides/8890?utm_source=app

Yes I did, but it says internal error. Pls see screenshot attached.

Please post a screen shot of the Businesses page of your own Manager installation. Indicate which business is the one that you are having trouble with.

Hi Tut

I cant open the highlighted one.

You wrote “the highlighted one.” But two are highlighted. Do you have trouble with both? Or only one? The reason I ask is that backup files without dates may be from so long ago that they need to be reformatted by the developer before they can be opened.

I also wonder if you are aware that Manager is a perpetual system. As long as you can open the current file, there is normally no need to open a backup, as all transactions should be in the current file, no matter how long ago they were. It looks like you are carrying many versions of the same business from different dates.

Both of them cant be open, one is the ORIGINAL File and one more I had renamed as BACKUP. It is both the same. I use DESKTOP version. Panic-ing cos cant open the file. This file contains the year 2013’s accounts. Only this file has that particular years accounts in it. The earlier files are meant to be removed as I am not using them, but since this back up file cannot be opened, I opened the prior years backup files to start working on them.

If the file is from 2013, it probably must be reformatted by @lubos. He will have to give you instructions.

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@lubos waiting to here from you :smiley:

@lubos Hi, Can you help to open my backup file,the last I used the file was 2019, and then backup. My pc had to be reformatted, so when I reinstall and open the backup file, I got the error messages as above.

pls advice

@nimalajothy, if you opened this file in 2019, it should not need to be looked at by @lubos. It would have been reformatted to a readable form them, if that had been necessary.

This is what worries me. If you reformatted your PC, your data would have been erased. Where was the backup file, and how did you restore it?

I had stored in my google drive and also emailed myself a copy.

So how did you restore it, exactly? Did you follow this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/8890?

Yes I did. I have other older files and new ones, all this files can be opened with no problem. I am having problem, opening this file alone.

I have to conclude these two files were corrupted somehow during storage. I am sorry, but I cannot help you. Perhaps @lubos can.

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@lubos Can you help

@nimalajothy Manager database is a file in SQLite format. This is not an upgrade issue because the file (the business) you are trying to open is not even recognized as SQLite database. You can send me the files you are unable to open to lubos@manager.io and I can tell you for sure.

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Hi Lubos, I have sent the file to you pls let me know, if can be resolved. tqvm