Bulk delete

Would be great having a bulk delete option in Manager.

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What do you need to bulk-delete? I can’t think of any use-case for bulk-delete in an accounting system.

Bulk delete come in handy when we have made an error in importing bank account statement, wherein thousands of transaction have been imported.

OK, import going bad is the only valid use-case. I guess rather than bulk-delete, something called “Undo import” should be implemented. For the time being, use Backup button before importing so you have reference point you can return to in case you want to revert the import.

Still , a bulk delete option would be great!

Bulk deletes are also useful when I import bank statements and all the transfers are marked as “send/receive money”. But then I go around and add a “Transfer money” for each one. After that I need to bulk delete the “send/receive money” in both accounts. Unless there’s a better way to do this.

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Totally agree

Bulk delete is fantastic when you need to get rid of 60 products you don’t sell it, use it or intend to have it in the future. The supplier closed down or the products have been discontinued etc. It is a must.

Batch delete has been implemented but you can’t delete inventory items which have been already used in historical transactions.

In Manager, you would mark inventory items you are not expecting to use anymore as inactive. They will still be in the program for historical reasons but won’t show as an option when creating new invoices, quotes etc.

You can use Batch update feature to mark many inventory items as inactive at once.

See: Manager Cloud


So I did exactly that.
Imported the wrong account now need to Delete 1yrs worth of transactions or at least delete one account and re-import the data.
Unfortunately didn’t take a backup first.

Any suggestions???

This seems to be common issue when it comes to import bank transactions. Right now, it’s not possible to bulk-delete transactions under Cash Accounts tab. I will need to add that ability.

Never mind ,just discovered the “restore previous version” in dropbox.
Couple of clicks and instantly back to my accounts from this morning!

Dropbox- Also free and ++++ recommended.

Does the server version or Online version allow versioning?


None of the editions support versioning. This is a job for some third-party backup tool (e.g. Dropbox).

I meant can you use dropbox for all versions of manager io?

Only for desktop edition or server edition. Cloud edition is hosted by us and we don’t install Dropbox on our servers. We do make backups and can go back in time too.

I created a bank rule and have reconciled over a 100 transactions. I now wish to recategorise those transactions.
I think the answer is No - but is there an easy way to bulk un-link and then redo with a new set of bank rules?

I was hoping to Delete the specific account in the chart of account that is now incorrect and start again but it wont let me.
It will be lot of transactions to Manually change.

Thought I might just export all transactions delete the whole Cash account and create a new cash account, re import with new bank rules but it seems Manager cant import it’s own TSV export!

And that would be correct, manually changing is your only choice ( @ 15 a day - 1 week )
Once there is no referencing to that account, then it can be deleted.
Also, you need to delete the Bank Rule

How about deleting the whole cash account?
I can export to a TSV, how do I re-import that to a new account?

You can’t as the Cash account contains transactions. In Manager you CAN"T delete anything that contains a valid reference to another component.