Bulk delete for transactions


Have been using manager to track payroll and produce few invoice/estimate and test bank imports. Now it is time use it at full scale, so I want to retain business file structure (business settings, chart of accounts, suppliers, employees, payroll settings etc etc), but remove bank/cash transactions, which are fragmented and inconsistent.
What is quickest way of doing this?
Is there a possible to delete all bank/cash transactions in bulk?
If not, what is workaround for this?

See the Guide https://guides.manager.io/9621 for batch deletions in bank accounts. There is no corresponding feature for cash accounts.


Is there any way for bulk delete of payslips?
Manually delete ~600 transactions is a big job…

There is no method for batch deletion of payslips. Why would you want to do this? Each of these payslips is a financial transaction of the company that affected a permanent balance sheet account. You do not delete them, for example, because a new accounting year has started. Doing so would destroy the integrity of your records and instantly produce erroneous information.


For the same reason I have started this post - I need an empty file with business settings already entered, but no data which are fragmented and inconsistent.
Setting new business file takes time, deleting old data also takes time. Now the question is which way is quicker.

The first way is definitely quicker. You can use batch operations to transfer and update customers, suppliers, employees, and inventory items. Those are the really tedious things. No matter how many other settings you have to change, it will be shorter than deleting 600 payslips. And building a new chart of accounts, now that you have a functional, working model, takes only minutes.

you are right


I have accidentally imported the wrong bank statement and have 65 items to delete. Is there no work around to batch delete? I can not see the option at the bottom of the page.


What page are you looking at?

I think I have found it. I was in uncategorised