Recommondation For Uncategorized Transactions Window

I have a suggestion regarding a tedious task that has plagued me for a while now. I frequently import bank statements using CSV files, which works well. Then I have a page of “uncategorized transactions” that are held in suspense… It’s easy to go through and use “Bank Rules” to categorize the majority of these transactions, but then I’m left with some that I have to manually go through and delete one at a time. These transactions that I have to delete are mainly “holds” for $1 and so forth that are charged by the bank when a card is swiped or ran and are then later released. They’re irrelevant transactions and therefore they do not need to be imported, but there’s no way that I can pull them out of the CSV ahead of time.

At the bottom of the “uncategorized transactions” page, there is already a button for “Bulk Update” can a button be added there to “Bulk Delete” these useless transactions so I do not have to go through and delete them one by one?

Thanks in advance.

Bulk Delete functions on transactions in the database. These unallocated bank transactions are not yet in the database. An easy way to accomplish what you want is to complete the import, then use the Bulk Delete function to eliminate them.

ok. I wasn’t aware that such a function existed. Can you point me as to where that’s at?

In the Receipts & Payments tab, at the bottom of the window.

Fantastic! I had no idea that option was even there!

Thank you for the prompt response. I will certainly try this out next time I import a bank statement.

There is also a Guide about the Batch Delete function.

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