Bulk delete bank transactions

Can you bulk delete bank transactions?

Look at “Batch delete” at the bottom of the screen.
You can set the tab to show all transactions rather than the default 20 at the bottom left corner

Read the Guide about it, too.

Sorry, this is when you are importing a bank statement that may have 100 item but only several are relevant to that business, at present I am having to use edit and delete each individual transaction.

In that situation, manual entry will be much less work than importing.


  1. Use a separate actual bank account for each business. Doing so simplifies separation of businesses expenses (done at time of purchase by selecting the appropriate card), and bank account reconciliation (all transactions are entered so bank and Manager’s records should remain synchronised).

  2. Use a bank rules to code transactions applicable to other businesses to an “Other businesses” Manager account. If done completely then again bank and Manager records should remain synchronised, enabling reconciliation. Alternatively search and batch delete could be used to delete transactions in the “Other businesses” account.

  3. If bank transactions need to be distributed across many different Manager businesses, then sort the transactions in a spreadsheet or database program and use that program to generate a bank import or batch create file.

  4. If only a tiny percentage of the transactions need to be imported into any Manager business, manual entry maybe most efficient.

Thank you guys, the option you have suggested are what I am having to contend with now. I was hoping I was missing a bulk delete similar to the bulk update option.

  • When you do a bank import the transaction are put in the “Suspense” account until they are edited to assign them to the relevant account.

  • They can be deleted by drill down on the “Suspense account” and using “Batch delete” there.

  • Doing so is dangerous because if the “Suspense” account was not empty prior to the “Bank import”, then you are likely to accidentally delete other erroneous entries as well.

Manual deletion also takes a long time and may need to be selected one by one.

That was exactly my point, @Roopint. The other person is apparently importing all bank transactions when only a few percent are desired (say, 5 out of 100). Better in that case to enter the 5 manually than import the statement and delete 95.