Delete Account

Im sure if you can develop code to reconcile, Im sure it must be easy
to delete an account, or bulk delete. I imported a file and it was not what I thought
I was downloading now I have to go through and delete each transaction?
Seems ludicrous. Suggestions?

What are you referring to ? - I am going to guess at - an Import Statement download.

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Yes imported a statement and it was the wrong date range from the bank, and I had a few months worth I didn’t need.

@Omega_Plumbing, have you read this Guide: Most duplicate transactions should be recognized and rejected. Are you really sure everything was duplicated?

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Unfortunately, transaction by transaction deletion is your only option.

They never indicated anything about duplication, just “a few months worth I didn’t need”

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The latest version (17.4.87) has Batch Delete button in bottom-right corner when viewing list of transactions under specific cash account.

This is useful if you make a mistake and import wrong bank statement into wrong bank account. Batch delete will allow you to delete those transactions in bulk.


No not duplication, user error. The software is phenomenal for my level of accounting.

thank you, are you the programmer?

I assumed I had latest but apparently I did not, awesome improvement making it idiot proof. Much appreciated all your hard work.