Bulk delete

It is actually difficult.
You cant also just re mark the transaction as suspense and add a bank rule. The only option is to recategorise or delete.

I chose to Delete as that was quicker, I then reimported the qif file which then only re imported the deleted ones.
I could then use a bank rule and bulk re categorise!
It’s a good enough workaround and saved a lot of time,

I understand the reason to prevent deleting but could there not be a bulk unreconile to suspense and run the whole bank rule algorithm once again. It would be a great addition to the software!!


Option 1 - Edit - Delete by 100 transactions, re-enter from imported qif file - bulk update
Option 2 - Edit - Modify Account - Save by 100 transactions, finished.

Not sure where the “saved a lot of time” would have occurred.

Hmm , let me explain.

I had 100 deposits form 10 different customers all allocated to one account. I now want to split them and allocate to their own account in the chart of accounts. It was easier for me to just hit the delete button than to allocate each one to their own specific account.
After re-importing I just did a bank rule and they all matched instantly.
Didn’t save a LOT of time I guess but was far less fiddly!