Batch delete action needed

I want to delete all inventory items so that I can re-import or edit data because earlier I did not import the cost and selling price for them so is there a way to delete all the items. So, there should be a function like select all or select. Other than this there should be an option to sort the lists w.r.t stock, price, outstanding, etc

You can always do the backup of your accounting file before importing (I’ll add this suggestion into the program so people actually do it). The only time I’ve seen people asking for bulk-delete functionality is when import has gone bad. If there is some other use-case, I would like to hear about that.

I was about to enter opening balances for customers and vendors, but I forgot to change the start date. Now I want to delete the existing opening balance sales/purchase invoices. So I can start working on it again.

I can’t start new business again because I’ve already created a lengthy chart of accounts, sales/purchase invoice items etc.

Just go to Settings and change start date. You don’t have to re-do opening balances, they will all have new start date automatically.

Actually, I started using Manager from 31/7/2014.

  • Start date I kept 31/7/2014
  • I entered bank closing balance as at 31/7/2014
  • I entered customer balances as at 31/7/2014
  • Due to some technical reasons we didn’t enter vendor balances. Then, I entered vendor balances on 14/8/2014.

But there are lot of daily expenses going on which we didn’t enter neither in Manager or in our old software.
So I decided to change the bank start date to 14/7/2014 but all summary stuff showing income as zero. So I started working on it again by deleting what I entered.

I don’t really understand why you are deleting anything. You shouldn’t be deleting any transactions.

Keep in mind, on Summary tab, you can click Customize button and set “Start date” for Summary tab only which might be different from Start date in Settings.

hi how to bulk delete all cash receipt?

hi how to bulk delete all cash receipts transactions?I want to start a new file for the year but I dont like to delete customers and. inventory only the sales invoice and cash receipts…

you cannot batch delete the cash transactions.
but you can batch create your customers and inventory items for your new business file from the old one.

There is no need to do this. Read this Guide: Manager Cloud.

Maybe bulk inactive or cancel transaction indicator might do ? Like you do it with cheques if there is a mistake, cancel out. but not throwing to rubbish, So whenever auditor, client, or authority refer to. Is traceable and to know it is cancelled for defined reasons. If my suggestion is within your list of consideration, the problem will be how you design it so the cancelled transactions will not flooding the view unnecessarily.

Toggle view cancelled line items on/off?