Bulk Delete, or Bulk Copy + Paste into new Business File


I’ve just taken over managing the books for a family member who unfortunately did not use this software properly. The previous “book keeper” also let everything turn to mud.
So I have approx 5 years worth of Invoices without matching up to bank transactions, to creditors, to debtors etc.
Its an absolute mess, and the P&L and Balance Sheets reports are way out of wack. The previous “book keeper” generated BAS between Manager and her own Excel spreadsheets. Its a nightmare.

I’d start afresh however there are too many records and entries to recreate. Is there a way to bulk delete (28 pages @ 50records per page) so I can clean up to this financial years records? Or a way to import only this years worth into a new Business database?


In many tabs, there are batch operations (buttons available at the bottom of the page) that let you export, manipulate in a spreadsheet, and re-import. That feature might help. In cash accounts, there is the find and recode feature, which could help. See these Guides:

The 2nd Guide is for inventory, but the process is the same wherever it is available.

Also, don’t give up on the idea of starting from the present without recreating all past history. Regardless of how your position was determined, if you know it, you can set a start date and begin with opening balances.

Unfortunately no.

Yes, but limited - you can’t import any financial tab data ( Sales / Purchases Invoices, Expenses Claims, Journals etc) directly but you could imported the bank statements and process everything as Cash Sales & Cash Purchases, i.e. not storing any details against a Customer / Supplier or Expense Claim.

The steps to creating a new database would be approximately this (may need fine tuning)

  1. Add Business
  2. Activate the matching tabs
  3. Re-construct an exactly matching COA
  4. Re-create the Cash Accounts
  5. Individually export from the old business Customers, Suppliers, & Inventory and re-import into the new.
  6. Perhaps other tabs such as Fixed Assets as well, where ever the “batch” buttons are located

As for the financial data, the options are
a) choosing a start date - Jul 1 or Jan 1 - and known starting balances to match
b) recreate Sales / Purchases / Expenses Claims / Journals and imported bank statements or
c) just use imported bank statements plus re-entered Journals

Subsequently, if not known now, Inventory, Accounts Receivable / Payable starting balances.

Get in touch via Private Message if there is anything that can be done to assist.