Bulk delete

Hey guys I’m unable to post it under bugs, which I think it is.

So I wanted to try batch deleting alot of old invoices from previous years, when I click on the batch delete button, it shows a select item list of all the invoices with a delete button (up to here everything is fine).
Now when I click the next arrow (show next list of invoices) it goes from batch deleting to bulk updating (here lies the bug).

Please make note of the error or correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks for the great software!

Only moderators can categorize posts as bugs.

First, you cannot delete any invoice that has been paid. And even if an invoice has not been paid, if you delete it, you’ve now changed your accounting records. You don’t delete invoices just because they are old.

Second, there is no way to perform batch operations on either sales or purchase invoices (whichever you are referring to). So wherever you are finding the Batch Delete button, it has nothing to do with invoices.

Third, batch operations are explained in this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/best-practices/batch-operations-except-cash-accounts.

Fourth, it sounds like your software is out of date. Current batch operations do not involve a Next button.

Sorry about that, when I click on Cash accounts, then the amount of the account I’m interested in, I try to delete old payments made (previous years), then the bug happens mentioned above.

I do this because for each financial year I create a new company, makes it easier to keep record. Now when I imported my customers to the new year, it imported the paid amounts as well, but because theres no invoices for the new year, it shows all the customers are paid for in advance.

Well, when you do what you described, it doesn’t jump to batch updating, it goes to Find & Recode, an entirely different function.

Despite what you imply, you have not done this in prior financial years, because the Batch Delete function in the Cash Accounts tab was only added last week. Read this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/how-to/use-batch-delete-in-cash-accounts.

You are completely misusing the program and actually making much more work for yourself. Read this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/best-practices/accounting-periods.

Thanks I’ll read up to use it more efficiantly.

Here’s what I get:

Your latest screen shot confirms what I told you. I will write this up as a bug. But you are still using the program incorrectly by starting over every year.

I’ve now looked at all the links you posted so far, but don’t see the fact that I’m using it wrong for what I use it for, I can keep the company as one, but in the invoices and quote tabs it still doesn’t filter out previous years even when setting the time period or lock date, so for each year if I set it up as a new company and just import the customers tab, I can use the software the whole year and only the relevant data for the year I’m interested in will display. If I need something from previous years, I just click on the older company.

What you are doing is not necessarily wrong but your activity of re-establishing a new business annually is a completely unnecessary function when using Manager properly. However, if you want to live with the fascination of not seeing prior year transactions during the current financial year then its only your time that’s been wasted, nothing else.