Using batch operations on inventory items

You can create, update or delete inventory items by batch. When viewing the Inventory Items tab, you will see three buttons in the bottom-right corner.

Once you click the Batch create button, you should firstly download the empty spreadsheet template so you know what columns are required.

Once you open the empty spreadsheet template, you can enter the data.

Then copy and paste the data from the spreadsheet into Manager.

When you click the Next button, you will see the preview of what you are about to import. If you are satisfied, click the Batch create button to create all inventory items in Manager.

Now, let’s say you want to quickly update prices on all inventory items. In order to do that, click the Batch update button. Then click on step 1 to download all the data from the spreadsheet program.

Use the spreadsheet program to update data. Do not remove or modify any content in the Key column. You can remove any rows you don’t need to update from the spreadsheet.

Copy and paste data from the spreadsheet to Manager.

After you click the Next button, you will see the preview of changes about to be committed.

If you are satisfied with changes, click the Batch update button to save the changes.

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Glad I found this guide, however, I wish a TaxCode field could be included to then specific the code currently used somehow.

I just did a batch create, and I want to have the Tax Code GST 10% automatically included, rather than now going to each item and selecting it.
Or maybe I missed something?

If not, hopefully in a new future update. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the awesome guides

Just remembered one more thing - Discount Price would also be good as I’d like to show the RRP and the discounted price on the invoice, rather than manually adding it

Just a thought, it’d be cool :slight_smile: