Bank Reconciliation Closing Balance do not match


I have my Bank A/C Reconciled as at 31/12/2015.
The Report Says ‘Reconciled’ in green.

However, the Closing Balance as per Bank Statement 801.03 (correct) doesn’t matched with Closing Balance as per Balance Sheet (658.91)

Why the Closing Balance as per Balance Sheet is not as per Bank Statement if the Report says Reconciled?

What is the actual closing balance of the balance sheet - 801.03 or 658.91 ?
Do you happen to have a transaction equal to the difference - 142.12

The Closing Balance of Balance Sheet in Manager is 658.91
The Closing Balance of Bank Statement (actual bank account) is 801.03
801.03 is the amount entered as closing balance for 31/12/2015 while reconciling using reconciliation report in Manager.

If the Report shows successfully reconciled, then shouldn’t the Closing balance of Bank statement and Balance Sheet match?

Not necessarily if there is uncleared deposits or payments, but then, they should be listed in the reconciliation as the reason for the differential.

Do you happen to have a payment equal to 142.12 ?
In the BS - Equity section do you have a Suspense account shown with a balance ?

This must be a bug. Any chance you could send me this accounting file to ?

Sorry, I cannot send you the file but I can give you the Team Viewer access though.

Unfortunately in this case, I will need the accounting file.

I don’t mind if you delete or rename any data in this file as long as the issue can be reproduced by me locally.

Or maybe I could create some tool which could remove all the text from the file and leave just figures. This way the issue could be reproduced without security concerns?

Sure @lubos
Tool would be a good idea in order to send across the file to you.


Did this issue get resolved?

I’m currently on 17.1.73

All of my bank reconciliation reports after a particular date are showing mismatched closing balances with no pending deposits or withdrawels…

Now don’t ask me difficult questions because I am a hopeless book keeper and only know half of what I am doing.

However I can provide my back up file if that will help resolve this :smiley:

You will find issues in my data but as discussed above, i feel, the reports should not be reconciling if the accounts are not matching.

Thanks in advance!


Your question cannot be answered because the other person’s problem was never revealed, if there was even any follow-up. And if you won’t answer questions, no one can help. The original problem described in this thread was not reproducible so far as I know. So you are going to have to provide detailed information, screen shots, etc.

I’d also like to add that there is a difference of $400 throughout the ensuing bank reconciliations so maybe it is something simple in my data that is causing the bug.




I’d also like to add that I love this software.

Thanks Tut.

If Lubos requests my data I will send it through. In the meantime I will spend another few days trying to get my head around all of this. As I am ridiculously green at all this and it could be I am doing something silly at my end.


Is there any balance in your Suspense account?

Yes I noticed that suggestion in the earlier replies. I discovered I did have three items in the suspense account when I ran the reconciliations which I have later corrected. There are still some other items in Suspense that shouldn’t be relevant to those months. But what I will do is work through the data removing any items in suspense and then I will jiggle my balance so that the data won’t reconcile and double check all the remaining data matches. Then I will run the reconciles again. This will take me a number of days though as I don’t get much time to myself to do this stuff.

One never knows. Manager puts things in Suspese for a variety of reasons, not all of which may be obvious. Since you say there is a constant 400 difference, the thing is to drill down on the account balance. Sort it by amount by clicking on the column heading. That will make it easy to find any 400 transaction.

Rightio, thank you. I will report back. :smiley:

Regardless whether anything is in Suspense account, the report should always make sense. Which it doesn’t by the look at your screenshots.

Wouldn’t this be the problem? Can you upgrade to the latest version to see if the problem persists? A lot of bugs have been fixed since January.

Yes I probably should have upgraded to the latest before posting. Was muddle headed yesterday.
Have updated to 17.8.12.
I deleted the closing balance for the 28/10/2015 transaction then deleted the reconciliation report.
Then I recreated it and it still came up as reconciled with differing balances.
I think I will delete all balances and reports and re reconcile from the beginning again as a first step. Would you suggest I try that?
Then continue fixing the billions of errors that are likely in my data :smiley:
Thanks for replying!

If you mean to generate a bunch of reconciliation reports going back to 2015, no, I wouldn’t recommend that. Reconcile as of the date of the most recent bank statement or online balance you can obtain. If you reconcile, you are reconciled. Having more interim reports doesn’t help anything. Manager will guide you through a process of narrowing down.

Understand that those reports you saved aren’t actually reports. They are definitions of parameters for reports. The actual reports are regenerated every time you look at them. So there is no harm or risk in deleting them.

Fair enough. When I get a moment from the kids will give it a bash. Thanks :slight_smile: