Bank Reconciliation Closing Balance do not match

Hi Tut, Lubos,
I need to ask your advice. I’ve seen you both frequently on these forums and you are very helpful.
I’ve had sick kids and the ATO breathing down my back to get my partners business tax complete.
I was going great guns with Manager I thought, until I hit that bank reconciliation error a month ago or so.
I have a new computer. Installed the latest manager. Deleted all reconciliation reports and saved closing balances on my old computer, just in case. Backed it up, brought it across to the new computer and commenced re-running reconciliations. However I am continuing to get the errors on the reconciliation statement - whilst it says it has successfully reconciled.
I’m convinced there is a vagary in my data that is throwing up a bug in manager. I expect that Manager really shouldn’t be doing this.
If it is likely to be something I am doing could someone please provide me with some very clear things to look for in my bank statement that could be causing this?
Or, given I am under the pump and quite a newbie to tax, would you actually suggest I move to a mainstream package and start over. I have loved learning through this package and the support forum is awesome, but maybe it is better suited to people who are a bit more experienced with tax and number crunching :slight_smile:
Thanks so much. Would love to hear what you suggest…

Firstly, don’t panic about the bank reconciliation and the ATO - they are two separate things.
You can keep the tax man happy, by doing the BAS, without needing the bank reconciliation completed.
If it proves subsequently that the bank reconciliation “error” causes a tax adjust, then this can be shown on the next return, if required.

You will need to either detail the errors you are seeing or show a screenshot.
As getting errors and saying successfully reconciled seems to be a contradiction.

Hi Brucanna :slight_smile:
The errors are as previously described in the above posts, with the same thing occurring as per the provided snapshots.
I’m afraid nothing has changed for me since then with upgrading software.
I was to look into items that might be in suspense etc, I have cleared any of those, but I think I am just too much of a noob to troubleshoot it further.
I’ve decided to try a package that my accountant uses as she will hop online and view things as I go. It might be safest.
The checks and balances in the new package might suit me better but I must say the invoice creation is abhorrent - I loved how I have got the invoices looking in Manager. There are so many good things about the Manager package.
I think I might leave this issue as it is now. If anyone would like my dodgy data for destruction testing please let me know :smiley:
Thank you for all of your help

Sorry, hadn’t scrolled up the topic as your post started with - “I need to ask your advice”

Now I can see that in Oct 2015 a $400 variance occurred and has remained consistent since.
The solution would have been to do a one day at a time (Oct 1, Oct 2) reconciliation until the 400 occurred. Looking at dodgy data is no good without seeing the bank statement in which it relates to.

@Sharon, the issue was not data. It was a bug in the program. Basically no matter what you have in your database, under no circumstances should reports show non-sense.

You can try to view the report again in the latest version (some things have been reworked since then) and the issue might have been fixed. If it’s not, you can send me your accounting file to and I’ll look into this further.

Regardless of this, I’m still interested to fix this bug if I can reproduce this so others don’t have this issue.

Hi Lubos,

Thank you so much for your reply.

Please find attached my file. It is just our own business and there is not
much in there that is too sensitive but I’m sure you won’t share it round
beyond the purposes of finding a solution to the bug :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to leave the Manager software, but I’m not cluey enough to
continue and we’ll be in trouble if I don’t get a handle on this

It has been a great tool to explore and it is fantastic that you maintain
it for free for those of us who can’t afford the more expensive packages.

Thank you.

I’d love to hear how you get on. Please don’t roll your eyes too much at my
noobie bookkeeping. I really didn’t know what I was doing.



Oh and I did try it all again in version 17.8.12 which was released not that long ago. I was excited to see some of the great enhancements re reconciliation that had been implemented. But the problem persisted. :slight_smile: