Possible Bug with Bank Reconciliation?

Manager 16.10.34
macOS 10.12

I have used manager for a while now.

LOVING IT! THANK YOU for saving me from the bloated horror of QuickBuck$…

On 25/7/2016 I used the (then) current version of Manager (can’t recall what it was, sorry…14.xx.xx, I think) to perform my first bank reconciliation.

As far as I am aware, all went OK. I have a printout of the “Bank Reconciliation Statement” from that time that tells me that I have no pending deposits or withdrawals.

I have updated to the now current Manager (16.10.34) and I have now tried to run a “Bank Reconciliation Statement” report but I can’t get past the screen shown in the attached screenshot.

Note that there are entries listed here that were part of the previous reconciliation.

Note also that the “net movement” shown is actually the account total, not the change in amount.

All the items listed here are cleared, with an associated date, as per this example:

I know that the reconciliation system has changed since the 14 series, so I wonder if I am hitting something not quite right?

Of course, I am a Manager newbie so what seems to me to me a bug may actually be an ID10T error…if so, can anyone suggest how I can proceed.

Much appreciated.

You haven’t shown enough information to tell what your problem is. (Impossible to diagnose reconciliation glitches without being all the transaction amounts and running balances.) But I notice you have several transactions on 25 August, the end date of your reconciliation. I’ve had similar problems in that situation before. Try reconciling for the following day.

Thanks for the answer.

I tried reconciling for 26/8/2016. Same behaviour.

I suspected that diagnosis would require knowledge of everything

I am happy to make the whole data file available out-of-band of this forum. Also happy to pay a small fee for the much appreciated assistance, should that be required.

I can get by without reconciling my bank but it is leaving me with an uneasy feeling.

That’s basically true. I definitely do not want to see your data file. I’m just a user like yourself. But I seriously doubt there is a bug, or hundreds would be complaining about that. And please don’t offer payment to anyone on the forum, as that goes against community rules. We help each other for free.

Having been through exactly what you’re describing several times, I can tell you this always turns out to be a trivial error as to dates of initial transaction or clearance. That’s something to check, by the way. Don’t just mark a transaction as cleared; enter the date as per the bank statement. Also, be sure you didn’t enter transactions manually and then import the bank statement, or you’ll have duplicates.

Another thought is to verify your starting balance. Did you really have an existing balance when you started using Manager? And were all those transactions already cleared? Or did you make a deposit in Manager, too?

Anyway, there really isn’t anything for it but to slog through the transactions Manager throws up at you. The good thing is that if those are the transactions it’s having trouble with, that’s where the error will be found. It’s not an infinite list.

My advice is adjust your cash register when you get your bank statements with bank charges etc . And then start BR entering balances as manager asks you.

Apologies to you and the forum. Didn’t mean to break the rules.
Thanks for your suggestions as well.

I am trawling though the entries, as suggested. Sigh.

Question: If I have a sales invoice with an entry having tax = “GST 10%” do I also need to specify the tax column in the associated receipt? Currently I am assuming that I can leave it as “No tax”

You are correct. By specifying the tax as being applicable on the sales receipt, you added it to the account receivable for that customer. You also created a corresponding liability in Tax payable, which tells you how much you need to remit to the tax authority. Remember, you are collecting that tax as the government’s agent. When the customer pays you, they are settling the Accounts receivable amount. You settle the Tax payable amount when you make your periodic remission to the tax authority.

Thanks for the confirmation.

It must be me, I guess.

I just made a new business and went through the following process. Mostly just accepting defaults where I can…

  • add business X
  • customise: add cash accounts/customers/sals invoice tabs
  • set start date 1/10/2016
  • New cash account “Cash Account”, start balance at 1/10/2016 is $1000.00, maintained by bank
  • new Customer “Customer”
  • New tax code: “Australia - GST 10%”
  • New Sales Invoice to Customer on 5/10/2016 to account ‘Sales’ for 1 * $100 with tax “GST 10%”
  • Received cash in “Cash Account” 1 * $110 on 10/10/2016, cleared on 10/10/2016 from Payer “Customer” for account line “Accounts Receivable” for 'Customer" invoice #1; no tax assigned
  • invoice is marked “Paid in Full”
  • Run a bank reconciliation for 19/10/2016; account is not reconciled
  • process: to find discrepancy quicker closing balance for 10/10: $1100
  • process: to find discrepancy quicker closing balance for 1/10: $1000. shows me that my sole $110 receipt is at fault. The offending receipt is:

What have I done wrong/what process have I not completed?

Any thoughts/suggestions gratefully accepted.

Can you post a shot of the Cash Accounts tab’s register? Then drill down on the cleared balance and show a shot of that.

Edited later:

I spent quite a bit of time reviewing the steps you described, to make sure I wasn’t reading something in that you hadn’t said. As far as I can tell, the invoicing and receipt parts were all done correctly. That takes me back to my initial reaction, that you must have some problem with the cash account entries. That’s why I asked for the Cash Accounts screen shots.

Should the payment be assigned to “sales” not accounts receivable? Just a thought.

No. The sales invoice was posted to sales.

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Thanks for all the assistance so far, everybody.

Are these what you need?

First, a question: under Preferences in the top menu bar, what date format do you have selected? All your posts suggest you are using DD/MM/YYYY. But if you have it set for MM/DD/YYYY, your reconciliation date would have been changed by Manager to a feasible, though probably nonsensical, date.

Second, a request: if the date format doesn’t solve the problem, the screen shot I asked for of the Cash Accounts tab register would be of the first screen that comes up after selecting the tab. It will look something like this, though some columns may be missing:

The one you posted was already a drill-down on the balance of the account.

Preferences are:

Thought I’d done the Cash Accounts tab, sorry…brain glitch. Here goes:

And just for reference, just downloaded the very latest Manager this is teh version used to make the above:

It was installed by dragging the old Manager.app to the trash and the copying the new one into my applications folder.

OK, speaking only of this test business X, if you Edit the Bank Reconciliation Statement and put in October 19, 2016 as the date and click Update, then click View, you should see:

Since you don’t actually have a statement for this fake account, enter 1,110.00. Click Update, because that is what a bank statement would show if you had an opening balance of $1,000 and received a single payment of $110. Post a screen shot of the result. By definition, you have no pending deposits or withdrawals, so if everything else you’ve shown remains as it was, you should be reconciled.