Bank reconciliation gets unclear

Hi all,

I have been trying to reconcile my bank account, and even though balances don’t match, it shows as reconciled - which doesn’t make any sense for me.

Closing balance in program on 14th is € 214.75.

Now this is the picture from the program:

And then this also very unclear how can the last one be OK, when several before are wrong.
( I realize they are not reconciled yet )

They aren’t wrong, they just have not been reconciled as of those dates. The fact that your 14/06/2018 reconciliation went correctly means they will probably be fine, too. If this looks strange, that may be because the program was recently modified to automatically show reconciliation activity that used to be hidden.

But a mistake is possible. For example, that you might have misdated a transaction or mistakenly entered a transaction as Cleared when it was actually Pending, making an interim reconciliation impossible until the error is fixed. Yet, once time went by and the mistaken date was passed, your accounts could be back in order for a later reconciliation.

You could also delete the reconciliations. They are just reports on data. They can be recreated for any date by doing a new reconciliation.

Coming to think of this, I think the implementation is still too confusing.

So the latest version (19.5.71) is making some changes to make it more obvious when bank account is not reconciled.

The first change is I’m adding back Status column under Bank Accounts tab. It will show Reconciled only when all bank reconciliation periods are reconciled. If there is any unreconciled period, the status for entire bank account will change to Not reconciled.


The second change is to avoid showing Bank Reconciliation Statement when figures do not add up. This can happen when one or more previous periods are not reconciled.

View buttons will be simply hidden.


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I do not see this happening, @lubos. In the following example, the Statement balance for both statements should be 2902.14:

The top reconciliation is actually correct by itself. As per your announced change, however, it shows as Not reconciled. If the bottom reconciliation is deleted, the top one shows as Reconciled. If the bottom one is corrected, both show as Reconciled. But no matter what I do, the View button remains. Clicking on either one opens up the whole reconciliation process, with opportunities to correct balances, review transactions, etc.

I actually think you should leave it this way. I see no point in hiding the View buttons, because that makes it harder to reconcile the older statements with problems. The way the program is behaving now, you can just go back to the oldest Not reconciled statement and fix it, which might clear up everything. If not, go to the next oldest, and so on.

Yeah, I wasn’t clear on this but the fact you can view unreconciled rows so you can reconcile them was intentional.

I just delete the old unreconciled statements. Much easier that way. This usually happens when I am going through my banking online and I change the date of a payment which goes through on the day that I did the last reconciliation but hours after I did the reconciliation.