Reconciliation problem - Please help!

Dear all

I hope you can help me. I have also sent this message to Lubos a few minutes ago.

I have been using Manager system since January 2019 on version 19.1.0. Today I decided to upgrade since I noticed that the Fixed Assets option in the latest version allows me to add the book value where on my current version 19.1.0 it does not.

As soon as I reloaded my previous backup in the new version 20.9.62 everything seemed fine however all my bank reconciliations show as not reconciled where on the previous version they were all correct.

I am sending a screenshot, as you can see the discrepancy amount seems to be the same (EUR4,231,40), sort of like a bug.

I tried to restore my previous version by uninstalling and re-installing but it now does not let me.

Could you please help me?

Thank you.

You were actually several hundred versions behind. Many things changed during the past two years that could affect bank reconciliations. The good news is that you can recreate a reconciliation report for any date if really necessary. You have some choices:

  • First, drill down on the 4,231.40 amount for one of the reports to see what makes it up. It is the same for every reconciliation, so you probably have one erroneous entry. Fixing that may fix all the reconciliations.
  • Delete all those old reconciliations and do one for today. After all, if you are reconciled today, you are reconciled for all past dates as well.
  • Edit the old reconciliations. The problem could be something as simple as the Edit page showing a GUID instead of the account name.

Is there anything in the suspense account?

Interesting advice.
Assuming the prior reconciliations were correct I leave them as it helps locate the problem. I agree give the error is constant, fixing it in one place is likely to fix it in all places.

I would start with the oldest reconciliation, not the most recent.

Thank you both.
They were all reconcilled previously (I have all the reports on hand)
I have deleted them and started from scratch to no avail.
Even from the first re-entry it is already showing as not reconcilled.
Could it be some balance was changed which I am not aware of?
Where can I find the suspense account balance?

No avail yet I think it must be a bug unfortunately.

Showing a shot of two laptops, one old system and one new system.


How about the starting balance of your bankaccount used? See tab [Bank Accounts].

I checked it, it’s good :frowning:

If there is anything in it, Suspense will show on the Summary page in the Equity section of the balance sheet.

Apparently, you did not follow my advice to first identify the source of the 4,231.40 discrepancy. Now that you’ve jumped to the second step, you have no choice but to go back to identify that. Follow Manager’s prompts through the process as described in the Guide: Reconcile bank accounts | Manager.

I did follow your advice.
Even upon creation of the first reconciliation ever created once again, there is still the discrepancy and the starting bank balance is doubled checked correct.

So, starting balance is apparantly ok.
Statement balance euro 29.319,57 at 28-01-2019 is according to your bankstatement?

Problem solved.

I’ve figured it out!

It is because I had carried forward around 10 pending withdrawals from 2018 when in fact my first starting balance was 2019.

Apparently on the old system it let me, but now it doesn’t.

If I fix the dates, the problem should be solved.

Thanks all.

Tested it out and it worked :smiley:


I was literally crying.

Nope I have another problem now :confused:

It entered the invoices within my p&l since I changed date to 2019 so my accounts will never agree with my submitted annual accounts :confused:

I give up. I will stick to the old system I think :confused:

@sunscope, your reported experience indicates you had not correctly recorded the pending withdrawals under the previous version Manager. If you had, they would have been converted to the new structure automatically and everything would have been fine. But the program was not previously sophisticated enough to detect the errors.

Learn from this experience. Future program enhancements might also “break” incorrectly entered transactions that you thought were acceptable. The developer cannot, if you think about it, be responsible for accommodating prior actions that hid or compensated for mistakes.

So…to be sure you do not get caught in a similar (yet different) situation in the future, make sure those withdrawals are, in fact, properly recorded now. See this Guide: Pay particular attention to the section near the end on pending bank transaction.

The transactions were carried out in 2018 but to be cleared in 2019. My starting balance was created 01/01/2019 since these transactions were carried out from a previous accounting system.
Tell me how I am supposed to record them without them showing up in my P&L please as I literally am out of ideas.

This is the kind of thing I was referring to in my last post. You should not be changing dates to mask a problem. The only reason you should edit dates is if they were actually wrong.

This is not a good idea, as you will get no support for outdated software that contained bugs that have since been fixed. Let’s get you sorted out properly.

To begin at the beginning, your post #15 implies you had a prior accounting system. If so, follow all the detailed instructions in the Guide I linked to about setting starting balances for the various types of accounts. For your start date, use the date you actually started recording transaction in Manager, not the dates of transactions that were pending or outstanding on that date. When you have finished that process, come back and report on any remaining discrepancies or problems. Illustrate with screen shots.

thanks for your help.

I have requested the accounting file and this discrepancy was due to a bug.

Basically, if starting balances are used and payment or receipt is dated before start date and “clear date” is set the same as start date, this transaction would be ignored by Manager.

My bad!

Fixed in the latest version (20.10.73)

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Many thanks for all your help @lubos
Glad that this error has resulted in a positive outcome for the future of Manager and very excited to start using the latest version (finally, my bad!)
Many thanks :smiley:

@Tut I guess it had nothing to do with my reported experience and I did in fact work out everything correctly as I was close to sure I had. It was a bug after all but thankfully it was solved quickly by Lubos. :slight_smile:

I can now finally have the latest updates and will keep updating more regularly from now on.

Wish you a good evening and thank you for your advice. :slight_smile: