Bank reconciliation report

I have run the bank reconciliation statement report.

The closing balance as per bank statement is correct and reconciled.
I agree the uncleared deposits and payments.
I do not understand the discrepancy figure and don’t know to what it refers or how to go about looking for it.

This report shows that you are not reconciled as at 31/03/2016.

The way to fix this is to go to Bank Accounts tab, set reconciliation date to 31/03/2016 and click Reconcile button to go through workflow which will mark the bank account as reconciled once workflow is completed.

Then bank reconciliation statement will not show any discrepancy.

The bank account date is already set as 31/03/2016 and is reconciled to the bank statement figure.

I have checked that summary, bank account, trial balance and balance sheet all have the end of March date and all are set as accrual basis.

Summary screen

Balance sheet

Trial balance

Ignore above please - have been working on this by trawling through item by item!! Found two errors which have corrected but still don’t understand why I have the problem.
This is the new bank reconciliation statement:-

The closing balance as per bank statement is correct and is showing as reconciled (see previous screen shot for that).
Is it a co-incidence that the discrepancy figure of £370.44 is the same as the total for uncleared deposits?
The closing balance as per balance sheet of -£3548.24 - where does that come from? Balance sheet appears to show (898.15)

and summary shows (898.15)

Further assistance please.

I’m very confused, @patchworkfields. What you say does not match the screen shots you posted. Latest balance sheet shows cash at -898.15, while reconciliation statement shows -3548.24. And the previous Bank Accounts overview shows -2636.43. And the excerpt from the Summary shows -3177.80. Perhaps some of your corrections changed one or more of these, but there at least seem to be contradictions. Can you clarify?

Also, I am puzzled by the fact that, in everything you show, the Business Extra account is negative. Is this, in fact, constantly overdrawn? If there is money in the bank, the account balance in Manager should be positive.

I think you meant (3177.80), not (898.15) which is the Cash at bank net figure. Incidentally, in your very first screenshot if you take the Bank Statement Balance and adjust for the uncleared items the balance comes to (3177.80) which is now your BS balance, So those errors you found were a valid part of the discrepancy figure.

Now that the discrepancy figure can be identified as equalling the uncleared deposits highlights a different issue. By chance do you have a suspense figure showing up under BS Equity?

Thank you Tut and Brucanna
Can answer the easy question - yes this account is always overdrawn.
The year end is March 31st and there are still March invoices being received that I will need to record which will not affect bank account.
The actual paper bank statement figure on 31st March is -£3221.36
The Bank Account tab agrees this figure and says “reconciled” in green.
I will have another look at summary, trial balance and balance sheet figures but I have a work overload at the moment as I have several clients.
As this thread has become so messy due to my putting so many differing screen shots I will leave this alone and start a new one as soon as I have figures if that is acceptable.

This is certainly a bug in bank reconciliation report. If bank account tab shows the bank account is reconciled as at reconciliation date, then bank reconciliation report on the same date cannot show any discrepancy.

I’m looking into this.

OK, this was an issue with the report. It didn’t pick up closing balance as per balance sheet correctly. It’s fixed now.

Wonderful. Just checked it out. Brilliant news.

I am trying to reconcile my monthly bank statements but for some reason this one is not reconciling. I have done all the steps as I did the first but it is not happening. Any help Please!!!

The balances are correct…

Just make sure you don’t have any rounding entries, perhaps an entry with an accidental third or more decimal entry after the (.) point

Just in case there is a corrupted bit somewhere, force the program to regenerate the report. Since there is no Delete button for reconciliation statements, Edit the report to change the date to one day earlier. Then, Edit to change back. Don’t do anything else. Since the numbers matched on 11/15/2016, a persistent problem will give clear evidence that something along the lines of what @Brucanna suggested is happening.

What version are you using? This seems to be a bug. Can you upgrade to the latest version?