Bank Reconciliation

I am unable to do a Bank Reconcilitation I have followed instructions but it does not work.
Please help

Can you be a little more specific about what does not work?

Posting screenshots of the tabs and forms you are using would be a great help in helping as well.

The guides
Reconciling Bank Accounts is quite good. Have you read it?

Hi Joe,
I am following the guide as per your link below.
I click on Bank Account then never
Enter to reconcile to then enter balance as per bank statement.
Next click on ‘view’ :-

For the ASB on 03 April 2017 you entered the following closing balance.
Check the balance to make sure you entered it correctly.
Closing balances
Date Closing balance
4/3/2017 NZ$ 5,186.99
Net movement
NZ$ 5,186.99
Check bank statement lines on your bank statement before 03 April 2017.
Enter missing bank statement lines, fix incorrect amounts or delete transactions which don’t appear on your bank statement.
Net movement as per your bank statement closing balances above must equal to net movement as per your bank statement transactions below.
TransactionsSpend money Receive money Transfer money
Date Transaction Description Contact Amount
4/2/2017 Bank Payment MONTHLY ACCOUNT FEE ASB − NZ$ 12.00
Net movement
− NZ$ 12.00

In this reconciliation I have only one transaction – it still does not reconcile.
This is the result :-
ASB — Bank Reconciliations New Bank Reconciliation
Top of Form

Bottom of Form
Bank account
Statement balance

4/3/2017 ASB NZ$ 5,186.99 Not reconciled
3/31/2017 ASB NZ$ 5,198.99

The missing step is:- there is no place to enter the closing bank balance as in the guide
And there is no place to enter ‘update’
Therefore I an unable to reconcile. Having one transaction as a trial leaves no doubt that this should balance.

Please advise how I can get it to reconcile.
I have copied as unable to do a screenshot

I am using this strictly as a cashbook. Manually entering all transactions.

Thank you

I don’t mean to be rude, @Maryjane, but it is extremely difficult to make anything of your post. You seem to have simply written down words from the screen. But they provide no context.

Please understand that remote troubleshooting on bank reconciliation is among the very hardest things to do with Manager, because the information you see and the actions of the program depend on so many other things that we don’t have.

To begin with, add screen shots to your post by (a) capturing the image area with some kind of screen grabber (depends on your operating system—it may be built-in or you may need an external app) and (b) uploading using the upload arrow at the top of the forum composing pane where you write your response. It looks like this: 50%20PM. Capture the image, click the upload arrow, select the image file, and upload it.

Finally, I’m not sure exactly what you mean when you say you are using Manager strictly as a cashbook. Does that mean you are not posting transactions to balance sheet or P&L accounts, but only entering a bank account? If not, just what do you mean?

Sorry You are unable to understand what my problem is. Following your advice I have taken screen shots which I now load. The problem I have is that the Bank Reconciliation does not reconcile - there must be something I am missing. See below:-

The screen shots I have taken are the problem. They do not appear even though I know that it does balance, therefore if I am unable to complete the steps it will not reconcile. I hope you can understand my issues this time.
I hope you are able to work out what the problem is.
Thank you for your help

@Maryjane, all you have done is load screen shots of the Guides. Those are of no use. You need to load screen shots from your own business that illustrate your problem. Here is what I recommend:

  1. Read the Guide carefully again.
  2. Follow its steps. At every stage, take a screen shot of what you see.
  3. Post a forum response that describes every step you took, followed by the screen shot for that step.

I can only send 3 screen shots as per forum rules as I am a new user.
I will attached the screen shots of three then I will try to message you again with the other screen shots.Step%201%20clicked%20on%20Bank%20Account

This is where the problem is.

When I click on ‘view’ I get this as per my first screenshot. The opening balance is $5198.99
closing balance $5186.99 = one transaction $12.00. I am unable to reconcile this at all

Go to the Bank Accounts tab. Click on the Cleared balance figure. You will see a list of transactions since the account was created that contribute to the current balance. Look back in history to see if the transactions listed in fact produce the balance of 5186.99 as of 4/3/2017. If not, what is missing in Manager that is listed on your bank statement(s)?

When did you start using Manager in this way? Did you enter a starting balance for this bank account, or does the history represented in Manager comprise the entire history of the account? In other words, did the account begin in Manager with a zero balance, and did you enter transactions to correspond to all real-world transaction in the account? Or did the account already have a balance when you started using Manager, which would have required the entry of a starting balance?

I entered a starting balance when I started with Manager.
Now that I view the list of transactions I notice that it does not appear
see this screen shot

However when I look on the balance sheet it appears under ‘Equity’

How do I fix this please

Now we are getting somewhere. Understand that Manager is a double-entry accounting system, based on the fundamental principal that Assets - Liabilities = Equity. If you have not made entries properly, so that equation is not satisfied, Manager balances the equation by automatically activating and assigning the difference to Starting balance equity.

Together, your various screen shots show that your opening bank account balance never made it into Manager’s record of the bank account.Thus, every transaction shown but one has been an outgoing credit from an account that started with a zero balance and went further and further into the hole.

Read the Guide about starting balances: You will need to drill down on the starting balance of Cash at bank, then Edit the particular bank account, ASB. When you see a screen like the one below, enter your start date statement balance of 5198.99. (Make sure you set the start date before doing this, which I assume was 4/1/2017.)


Be sure to click Update when finished. This may be what you did wrong last time.

That worked !
Thank you for your help,

Dear all, could you help me to know the wrong step I made here in reconcile my bank account with Manager.
For your information here is the steps which I doubt that it has the wrong step.
1- I have a Seven deposits from one customer over Jan-2021 and recorded on its dates from the Receipt tab, total amount is 2,616,193.91
2- I’ve created one combined sales invoice on 31-Jan-2021 for the same customer entered from Sales Invoice tab equal the deposited amounts in total.
3-There is a Four internal transferees between the account which Called here “البنك العربي - إيرادات” and account which named “البنك العربي -012” entered from internal transfer tab separately each one in separate transaction on its date which appears that invoice paid in full recording to previous income transactions on January.
4- The monthly ending balance as per the bank account statement is matched with bank account in Manger for both accounts.
5- I’ve create a reconciling for Operating.Bank account on 31-Jan-2021 and it has been reconciled.
6- I’ve create a reconciling for Rev.Bank account on 31-Jan-2021 and it has not been reconciled.

when I open the reconciliation to know where from is the discrepancy I found that:
A: all the Income transaction for the Rev.Bank account appears as this screenshot

B: when I tap view reconciliation it appears as following

Here is a receipt transaction as a sample and the all four receipts entered same as this.

Here is the Tax Invoice:

Kindly, if any one could help me to know the right steps I will be appreciated.
Help @Tut is this is the right way to make this conversation or what?

Why is the cleared date on the transaction set as 28/02/2021?

As this date is in the future, the receipt will not be taken into account when you reconcile with the date of 31/01/2021

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